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Terrible news... the website won't be the same without him... my condolences to his family, friends, and Giant Bomb.

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Pikmin 3, both Mario games, Paper Mario, and Luigi's Mansion 2 and were my picks of interesting stuff. Seeing the menu for the Wii U was nice I guess. Everything else was pretty meh or just boring.

The whole conference started sliding downhill after Harley Quinn stopped talking, which was disappointing considering how strong the beginning was. I was falling asleep near the end because of the sheer amount of third-party filler and unnecessary long demos (like NintendoLand's Luigi's Mansion thing; seriously, you can sum it up in a trailer and save like five minutes for the conference, maybe to focus further on Luigi's Mansion 2). Still don't know why the hell New Super Mario Bros. 2 makes Mario seem similar to Wario because of the obsession over coins; Wario could easily be the starring character. Speaking of him, has anyone noticed Game & Wario? Nintendo posted it on the website today.

To summarize, though, it wasn't horrible, but I think people slam on it too much and forget how much of a wreck 2008 was with its twogames and boring speaker (thank god she no longer is with Nintendo).

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It seems as if the forums agree the absolute highlight of the conference was South Park. Other than that, it was meh, but not horrible. Not 2008 horrible.

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"Here's Pikmin, and here's Mario. Enjoy the filler."

Summary of the entire conference today.

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Phoenix Wright and Frank West? You win, Capcom! Take my money which would have been used to buy Mega Man Legends 3!

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This is pretty much Nintendo's last chance aside from E3 to get me to play my Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo had better be thankful Level-5 is making games for them, because so far, the reason I have a Nintendo 3DS is for two Professor Layton games (not judging the soon-to-be-fully-shown Super Mario 3DS or any remakes they have planned). Until then, it's my favourite dust collector. I hope it doesn't have to stay that way.

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Viva la Vita?

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Oh, golly gee, Gagaville sounds like a swell time! I can preview a song I bet will be playing on the radio all the time in a month or so through a game I do not play! Magnificent!

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Easily.