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This game picks up right from the first two games in the series 0

The Graphics have been improved slightly but especially grenades and smoke effects. The game play is great. Single player has been improved much, with vehicles it really adds to it. The overall value of this game is great because of the online and single player features have been improved so much. Online is what makes the Socom Series what it is, they added vehicles to online mode as well this is another great addition. I really like the new features put into Socom 3, I think you will too. This ...

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This game is dark, creapy, and just plain fun.... 0

I really enjoyed this game and have beat it already. The melee weapons and the fire arms are great. The environments look very realistic and are very detailed. The character models look good but at times look very choppy/bumpy and nasty but all and all there really good. The cut scenes are really good i enjoy watching them and they can be creepy at times. The puzzles and the finding of clues in this game are hard and it will take you a while but you will eventually find it fun to search for stuf...

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This game is great, and is a must have for the DS. 0

This is one of the top games for the ds, its as fun if not funner than the original. This is a great move by nintendo to release this game all revamped and more lively than the original. The graphics have been revamped and have a nice look to them. The levels are all new with the same classic style the original game had, which is a plus. I would suggest this to anyone who owns a DS and to anyone that likes Mario games. All and all this game is a must buy for anyone looking for a great Nintendo D...

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A great portable metroid game for the DS. 0

I have always been attached to the Metroid series on almost all the platforms it has been on. This one on the DS is especially good and uses the touch screen capability very well. The games graphics aren't bad but they are also not top of the line, but perfect for the DS. This game also supports Nintendo Wifi which is very fun and you can have rivals online and its just a blast to play. The story mode is nice and long and very entertaining. The gameplay of this game is just great, theres unlocka...

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Anyone who has a 360 should already own this game. 0

This game is absolutely amazing, the visuals, the game play, and the amount of game time your can get out of this. First off this game is massive, the map is huge and theres plenty to see and roam around if you really want to see everything this game has to offer. There are many guilds and quests you do along the way or you can just do the main quest if you dont feel like doing the guilds. You can fully customize your character to your liking. This game is just amazing and I would suggest it to ...

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A nice platformer for the 360, but is not the next killer app. 0

Although this game is fun and challenging, I would say its nothing to be amazed over. It has some good visuals only thing I do not like is the anti-aliasing is bogged down due to framerate issues so thats the only graphic issue i would say makes the graphics worse then what they could be on the 360. The gameplay is fun since theres so many different things you can do like, walking up the gravitational walkways, spirit walking, how you die and come back, and the portals. This game offers two dif...

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Gears of War is very fluid and fun. 0

After looking at the screens for this game I knew it was going to be great graphically but I didnt know how it would be once i got to playing it. But, wow, its amazing the gameplay and graphics are just great. There is so much detail in everything and the mood of the game can be matched with the graphics its so amazing. Now the gameplay everything seems to fits, take cover and kill the enemy, so the game is very strategic which is extremely fun and difficult. Im glad the difficulty is high since...

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An amazing experience, fun and great graphics. 0

This game holds up well and quite possible has the best graphics on a console to date, including Gears Of War, so thats saying a lot. The single play can get boring extremely fast due to the repeat of all the tracks and everything over and over again but if you just enjoy the racing, tracks, and vehicles then you won't really mind. But I think online play makes up for all of the boring game play in the single player. The sounds are amazing, all the vehicles and mud sounds, sound so crisp and rea...

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An amazing game with an intriguing story. 0

This game will not disappoint any Final Fantasy 7 fans at all. The story, game play, and graphics are all on point. You play as Zack Fair and you are a member of soldier. You play with the usuals as you go along in the story; Angeal, Cloud, Sephiroth, Genesis, and Aerith. The story is riveting and action packed. The style of fighting is changed up a bit from FF7; instead it's more of Kingdom Hearts style of fighting, which in my opinion is much better and easier to play with. The graphics are ju...

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To Finish The Fight 0

This game was the most hyped game last year and with its game play, story, and multi player all as great as they are it deserved all the hype it got. The story takes roughly 8 hours to beat on normal and 12 on legendary and basically you finish the fight! The story is good and wraps up well. Moving on to the multi player is what made this game what it truly is. Halo is extremely addiction online with its new and improved ranking system that will have you playing online for hours. There is also a...

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