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Having watch two endings. I have to say, improves greatly the closure and fills in most of the terrible plot holes. The crashing on the planet should have been cut. It adds nothing to the cohesiveness and was one of the many things that confused players. Why have them crash if they were just going to be able to rebuild the ship and leave. Pointless. More importantly it just.... Why the hell wasn't this originally in the game. It not that much extra work in comparison. It's mostly a slideshow and voiceover. You really couldn't do this the first time bioware. They still should be taken to task for releasing a crappy ending.

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@mutha3: Really? REALLY! That's beyond cheap. Why back out of what you committed. Especially since you have two options that this doesn't happen. Also why is Shepard still alive in Renegade. It just seems like creating addtional problems.

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Just alt fire on them with the boner, rinse and repeat. Even on Legion it only took about two hits. Really not that bad when you ge the hang of it. Don't waste time with the dentist the pistons soak up way too much damage. 

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Most likely there's been zero coverage of this nearly everywhere. Which is strange since there was a real marketing push. I'm just hoping there will be more great kinect games before Dance Central 2

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@TragicallyErock: I think that should be handled on the bombcast if anywhere. Else just let the shit go.
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Been in line for the last 24 hours. Server falling down or just massive collections being imported? 

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Got the fat because the slim is so fugly I can't stand it.