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I cut my teeth trolling on system wars.

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@pandabear: For every one rape they protest. There are 10,000 every year that go unnoticed and never resolved.

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@mightyduck: OK. Give me about a month. I'm also busy being Trevor in GTA V. And that mad bastard takes up a fair bit of my time.

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I've only just purchased a copy. And although I intend to solo for the first 2 difficulty levels, I wanna group on Hell and Inferno.

So if you're genuinely interested and are a nice person then send me a PM and we'll exchange gamertags.

I'm on the Xbox 360 btw.

And yes this is a genuine post from a genuine gamer.

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@gangsterlax: I could almost swear How I Met Your Mother exists in the coma laden brain of Barney. In reality Barney is a total recluse. A man with no friends or family. One day in the dead of night in his dank apartment Barney shoots himself in the side of the head. The wound is superficial. And so begins his absurdly preposterous life in HIMYM.

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What is Man?

A narcissistic pile of secrets.