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This is fucking awesome! Great job, dude!

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What kind of insane difficulty is the server on right now? It's really hard to get past 3 or 4 waves at the moment...

Or is there any way to change that via a vote or something like that?

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Pitched in another 10

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Played a couple of matches just now and remembered how much I loved this game back then. And how much I hate some of the maps...

@test0r: thanks for setting up the voting stuff, should make it much easier to simply test out maps/modes.

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So, February 9th in Valve time is like what? August?  
But big YAY for Stephen Merchant!
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I can't decide if I like #3 or #4 better. 
Now imagine the game automatically posting these pictures to Facebook - which is probably going to happen at some point.

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the original game was pretty cool, but 1200 points is way too much for this

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no Valve at EAs show was a bummer. I had hoped to see at least a hint of Ep3 or something like that... :(

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I didn't even know that Nintendo took legal action on this since pretty much everyone I knew seemed to have a copy for the C64 back then anyway. It always seemed weird to me that those two games were so "similar" but I have to say I enjoyed Giana Sisters a LOT.

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