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Just captured the story mode that is currently in the alpha for everyone who's not into the whole Horde-like Endless Mode. You'll obviously want to avoid this if you don't like spoilers.

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@ghostiet said:

At 11:30, you THROW the GUN at the GUY and take HIS GUN and SHOOT the GUY with HIS GUN

put this game into my body

Let me blow your mind here: You end up doing this all the time since it's usually quicker to grab a new gun this way than to wait for the reload of your own. Plus it FEELS incredibly satisfying.

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The Superhot Team released the alpha version this weekend and it contains not only a handful of short levels from the story mode but also a new endless mode in which enemies spawn as fast and as long as you can kill them.

The game looks and feels pretty awesome and is very polished for an alpha version. It pretty much plays like the prototype but they got some new weapons in there (a shotgun and a machine gun plus breakable objects you can throw) and you can tweak the game with modifiers you unlock in endless mode.

I really like what is in this version and since the developer is encouraging the alpha testers to share the experience I captured a couple of runs in the endless mode - no spoilers for the story mode in here since that seems to take some interesting turns.

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This is fucking awesome! Great job, dude!

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What kind of insane difficulty is the server on right now? It's really hard to get past 3 or 4 waves at the moment...

Or is there any way to change that via a vote or something like that?

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Pitched in another 10

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Played a couple of matches just now and remembered how much I loved this game back then. And how much I hate some of the maps...

@test0r: thanks for setting up the voting stuff, should make it much easier to simply test out maps/modes.

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So, February 9th in Valve time is like what? August?  
But big YAY for Stephen Merchant!
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I can't decide if I like #3 or #4 better. 
Now imagine the game automatically posting these pictures to Facebook - which is probably going to happen at some point.

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