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Considering the steam games from Ubi have also a Ubisoft login, this is rather silly.

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Not sure what to think though agreed with others, Blind Guardian would be much better choice.

As for Guitar Hero Metallica, still my favorite in that series. Good blend of the main band plus other metal songs & highly recommended.

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After getting this early access game, while fun, still needs a few things like tooltips on the crafting items & gamma adjustment in the options. Based off the few hours spent, if you like zombies/Left4Dead & Minecraft well this is for you and no it doesn't look like Minecraft blocky look. The crafting is similar to Minecraft even to the point where you need a forge for some items to be made & several items like tools need to be laid out in a pattern to craft about anywhere for basic crafting.

Anywho, the tip is to start the game off in the creative mode to get used to the crafting. Like Left4Dead, there's enough zombies around that trying to learn the crafting system is rough at first when you are under attack enough. Oh and the gray area on the map with green rough dirt is nuked so just don't go there (yep not easily explained as of yet & had to learn the hard way).

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Agreed with many of the recommendations here as well as just looking at the soundtrack listing for Brutal Legend & think there are a few other threads on this popping up not too long ago. All good kinds of metal to enjoy.

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Burgers & hot dogs, yes. Sometimes honey mustard on other things but the simple yellow mustard has very few uses around here with me.

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Good in small amounts unless honey mustard which some brands aren't bad.

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Too damn many, but the executable moment on the podcast, his infectious laughter & many other moments. Still miss that duder. Cheers Ryan.

Plus grabbing a random podcast wound up with the classic example of everyone's excessive skill on wit & zany things while CHINA DON'T CARE.

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Raising a glass of Eagle Rare bourbon to Ryan in a toast of thanks.

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Jumped back into this, username = foxOXIIIXIII

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Wolverine one was rather amusing & not bad but Legends (precursor to Marvel Alliance games) is the best from what I've played out of the franchise.