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Agreed with many of the recommendations here as well as just looking at the soundtrack listing for Brutal Legend & think there are a few other threads on this popping up not too long ago. All good kinds of metal to enjoy.

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Burgers & hot dogs, yes. Sometimes honey mustard on other things but the simple yellow mustard has very few uses around here with me.

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Good in small amounts unless honey mustard which some brands aren't bad.

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Too damn many, but the executable moment on the podcast, his infectious laughter & many other moments. Still miss that duder. Cheers Ryan.

Plus grabbing a random podcast wound up with the classic example of everyone's excessive skill on wit & zany things while CHINA DON'T CARE.

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Raising a glass of Eagle Rare bourbon to Ryan in a toast of thanks.

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Jumped back into this, username = foxOXIIIXIII

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Wolverine one was rather amusing & not bad but Legends (precursor to Marvel Alliance games) is the best from what I've played out of the franchise.

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Still sitting through the install but glad to play with other GB users, username=@Fox01313

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Just wanted to throw this out there, as part of the Humble Weekly Bundle there's a few of the Wizardry games as well as Shadow Man, System Shock 2, 7th Guest & more classic games.

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Just joined in to try out Eve, character Nitocris Lovecraft & happy to support GiantBomb in Eve Online. Had issues with the tutorial resetting half way through & now seems broken with the original character, so now Ligea Lovecraft.