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Just Cause2, Killing Floor, Serious Sam HD 1&2.

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Failed by a few points the first time, went back & got it and been happy with driving ever since. Things like this take a little practice, if nothing else my tip for anyone in this situation should just find an empty office/school parking lot on the weekend where there's no cars to hit & practice some of this stuff, you can even get your friends to stand in for cars & try to parallel park (just get them close to where cars might be or use some other kind of marker that won't hurt the car if you hit it (ie. traffic cones) & take it slow so nobody gets hurt)

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It does seem different but the rest of the crew has been doing a good job with it. I'd say jump in on September & go from there as they've got the groove back plus recently you get to hear Vinny host one of the bombcasts which is quite amusing.

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Been quite happy here with either the Monster coffee flavored drinks or the Monster lemonade (or the plain Monster drink), tried a lot of the other energy drinks out there & found that Monster is the only one I found that doesn't taste too bad but it's up to personal preference.

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My bet is that either one of the next gen consoles is having issues with some of the networking end or that most of the next gen games (as expected like last time) that the launch games will not look all that different than what we have now. That or the bulk of the game/entertainment media is severely ignoring the new Battlefield game over CoD.

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Loved the previous one on the pc & so glad they did this unexpected move as I tried a little of overkill & enjoyed the grindhouse setting but didn't have that much time with the wii. Looks like this will be awesome.

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In the states & years ago went to London, UK for a week. Loved it & want to go back as well as visit more of Scotland.

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Been looking at trying this on out for a while & figured in Ocotber would be a good time as not a ton of games for me coming out (and going to wait a couple months on the new consoles) so if anyone in GiantBomb is playing this, I'd be happy to help out the guild/cabal/ect. while trying this out on the Cerebus server (Nitocris Armitage is character name, nickname is NocturneShade, just send me msg via steam if nothing else).

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Really enjoy Elder Sign Omens & agreed about 10000000 also as a good mobile game. Elder Sign has more of a turn-based system so it works great on the mobile environment.

Cthulhu saves the world, another good one with a early jrpg setting & combat so the turn-based gameplay works great here. Tried other mobile games recently where there's more of the arcade/screen controls which I just found to be somewhat problematic.

Both up for android phones & guessing out for iphone too & not too expensive.

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Bought a Wii for a few assorted games years after it's launch & feel that the WiiU would be the same for me. Right now there's a few games on there that I'd enjoy & can't get on another system but many others that just go to the 3ds that would help convince me more but they are locked on the handheld system. Never been a huge fan of the core Nintendo franchise of Mario/Link/Metroid/DK so I'm mainly after the other games that Nintendo gets on just the new console. Might get one eventually but right now the new Lego city & ZombiU are the only ones I find interesting but just feel like the system needs more love from Nintendo as well as more games as it feels like they are just ignoring the system.