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Will keep at it as it looks good but now that I finally got it through gamefly, the tutorial just seems unresponsive on either showing what I'm doing wrong or if it's a timing issue. Swear I'm following the move list but it's not progressing & just weird as it should be as responsive as MK9.

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@pageboy: Oi, added you though easier to find you on steam with the pageboy name, also plenty of open groups on my account you might look into for not only the steamgifts site but also finding other ppl too. Anyone on GB can add me though will say now that after trying out DOTA/League, just not for me & not wanting to trade TF2 stuff but aside from that, feel free to add me on the friends lists duders.

edit-added some ppl while waiting on the mail to show, always good to have more friends on steam even if just curious on buying a game & seeing what other friends on steam thought of it or in something like Sleepy Dogs where it keeps track of you vs. your friends progress. GLHB!

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Well now you know, best to just jump & pull the parachute ripcord to get away from the planecrash that is most things Sonic the Hedgehog related.

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Well right now as it gets close to a year after the game launched, they haven't done much one big expansions over smaller doses of content. This living world content has been changing the game some every couple of weeks (now) or every month (earlier in 2013). Most of these living world content pieces have some level of permanent stuff to it but other things are treated like the seasonal holiday event items that are only up during that time period.

As someone who played a lot of the first Guild Wars game, I expect that there will probably have some larger world expansions but smaller DLC packs are free in the game.

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Liked NV better than fallout 3 but could just be burnout, still in burnout from playing way too much skyrim to get back into it so jump in a few other games to sample out then dive back in new vegas as it's quite fun & better with the endings on all the crazy factions in it.

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Will throw it on steam wishlist & if not getting it soon, will grab it later this year with the seasonal sale.

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@ravey: Those look pretty damn stellar, just can't wait for SR4.

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Dallas isn't that bad as far as food, living in the DFW area, between the hellish weather & lack of much else to do with all the flat land it's still mixed.

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I can see ICP wanting to do this for their own promotion to keep them relevant in the thoughts of people but the fans I can't understand. I like some older rock bands (ie. King Diamond, Alice Cooper) though none of them do anything like the Gathering in scale so there might be a concert that pops up. The diehard fans of the Gathering of Juggalos just plain scares me, there's a line between appreciating a notoriously bad/untalented band & going to these events year after year. I hope that people are showing up to the Gathering with giant Styrofoam horseshoe shaped props painted to look like magnets.