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I've been playing it. I leave it on for 8-hour periods in the far corner of my desktop. It just spins away and sings at me once in a while. The A-K keys on the keyboard (and the Z-, keys) play notes, like a single octave scale. You can zoom out all the way to space. If you want. Or, you know. Whatever.

This is my mountain. It was snowing a while back, and the snow has now melted. The only remarkable thing I've noticed is that there's this big blue growth on the side of the mountain.

Now if the mountain is indeed a metaphor for my actual self, and that tumor is a metaphor for... a tumor, it's possible my mountain has some kind of cancer. Glowing, pulsating blue cancer.

I'll keep you posted, I'm sure you'll be glued to the screen waiting to hear more on this one.

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@foxillusion: It's in an electrified pool of water in the main room off of where you get the oven-heatray-gun. I just finished the dlc and realized I hadnt snagged it. :(

I never got it either. Burial at Sea made the same mistake that Dishonored Knife of Dunwall did. In a game where you accumulate a vast amount of powers and abilities, they bring you back to square one in the DLC. There is no need for introducing each power slowly to the player anymore, just give me everything from the get-go, don't make me re-earn every single plasmid and upgrade. The ice power I get, but the other ones? The combat isn't satisfying enough on it's own and the powers go a long way in making it a lot more interesting.

Also for a short DLC outing the scarcity of ammo even on medium was confounding. I was constantly out of ammo and the fact that weapons will only carry up to a certain amount of bullets was always just bad design in my opinion. Especially since the game aggressively spawned in new groups of enemies after you accomplished any minor task - the biggest offender being the area near the bookshop that spawned in a new group of baddies each time you walked through that "hub."

Oohhh, good call, I walked right past the electric water like a dummy. Okay, that makes a lot more sense.

I had the same ammo scarcity problem... maybe they realized how easy it was to find enough ammo in Infinite and they tried to tone it down a bit?

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Okay, straight up, where do you go to find the bucking bronco?!

The gene bank sold upgrades for it that were mechanically new and sounded awesome, and I never stumbled over the vigor in my whole time playing the DLC, that was a real heartbreaker.

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I think the ending to the DLC actually horrified me more than the end of Infinite. Horrifying being the right word for it, for as dark as things got in the last game, Elizabeth took such a dark turn in this one.

I think she's basically punishing Comstock (I'll be calling him that, he's totally Comstock, not Booker). She wants to lead him down to find Sally again. She's willing to almost fry her alive in order to get them face to face. When she finally does, it's only then that he has his revelation and realizes what he's done. And it's in that moment she kills him, his blood flying around everywhere.

It's super dark and almost creepy to see her like this. She wants to see him come to the realization himself, it's almost sadistic in how she does it. It just looked like pure vengeance in action.

In the promo screenshot for part 2, it looks like Elizabeth is holding Sally, it could be that she's trying to protect and save her in the next game, maybe find a way to reverse the little sister process like there was in Bioshock 1. Comstock, again, tried to steal away someone else's child and live someone else's life. Elizabeth will probably see herself in Sally and want to save her to try and make things right.

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I am completely in the dark as to what else "Apple gave us a truckload of money to delay the Android version" could possibly mean. What could the 'context' possibly have been

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"Bithell was not alone."

Jesus Patrick, I almost did a spit-take at that line

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The melee combat = mash square, not really very engaging.

I think this mentality is really bizarre; a lot of people use it. What, would mashing square and sometimes triangle be better?

Arkham was excellent combat and constantly cited and borrowed from these days, but it was at its core also just mashing square, in different directions. And sometimes pressing triangle when you see a prompt.

It's not about what buttons you're pressing, it's about the tension. That one opponent is super dangerous and if you don't get rid of him quick he can end you pretty fast. You spend so much time hiding in that game and trying to avoid getting seen that when you do go for melee, it's intense and stressful.

And just try just mashing square at dudes playing as Ellie and see how long you last. There's more going on here, it's just higher level design choices that make it interesting and a cool experience to play. Who cares what buttons you're pressing.

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I'm going to ignore the fact that their surgeons were not very good surgeons and would have been able to surmise Ellie's ability to be the foundation of a cure with a few small samples and testing, and there's no goddamn way they should have to pull out her whole brain or some shit. I'll pretend that they do have to kill her for whatever strange reason.

Even if the Fireflies came up with a cure, the politics of a post apocalypse are too dirty. Nobody trusts each other. How much could they make? Who would they share it with? What about the huge numbers of infected? Even if a cure was developed, the would would take forever to go back to normal, even in Joel and Ellie's lifetime it wouldn't get there. It's unlikely that they would ever eradicate the infection anyway.

I'd still have wanted Ellie to choose but if it was my character on the table I'd have been selfish and fought for my life. Screw everyone else. XD I'll go live in my brother's safe city and hang out.

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Anyone have any ideas as to what the significance is at the end when you're playing as Ellie instead of Joel? They could have given you control of Joel at that point; during every other part of the game when it's both of them, you're always playing as Joel. Why do you think you're playing Ellie for the last few minutes during the last hike?

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