Star(craft) Gazing

 So with all of GB's coverage of Starcraft 2 I really became intrigued with it.  I have had a minimal intrest in RTS games, though I have played some in my past.  For the most part all of my RTS experience was Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings.  My local library had it and I would borrow it every so often and have a bit of fun.  I got mostly played it the same everytime.  Make a crap ton of stuff and attack all at once!  It worked for the most part, but not always.  Spore's RTS part of the game dimly re-ignited my RTS intrest, but that was so watered down that I didn't get much out of it.  Spore was a fun game, but I feel each part kinda on its own wasnt too great.  I found every play through that I could always overtake every other species in all of the RTS modes easily.   
All of GB's coverage of SC2 got me even more interested in it.  I watched all of the videos and for some reason it was really growing on me that I needed to try this game!!!  Well being a college kid and college starting soon I found it in bad intrest to buy a $60 game right now.  I hoped someone would maybe lend me an extra key so I could play.  I was also worried of the game not working well on my Mac Book Pro, which is my only computer right now.  So I did the next best thing, I bought the original Starcraft!  It's pretty old so I'm confident it will work on my Mac.  I got the battlechest for $10 on Amazon so I figure it was a pretty good deal!  I am super excited and worried.  Worried more because of how much more time others have had with it and me coming in pretty much new to RTS multiplayer.  I think there is CPU versus mode in it.  Hopefully so I can do some easier MP play.  Here's to hopin it goes well!    


Games of my summer

Normally summer is a big gaming time for me.  I'ts really hard to find time during the other seasons (besides winter break) to play much.  With school and work its really difficult to find some good gamin time.  But summer is where I make up for all of it.  I kind of have a ritual of games I play every summer.  Normally I will go back and play older last gen stuff like the Max Payne games, MGS games, Okami, Shadows of the Colossus, and others.  I also find myself playing Half Life 2 and its episodes randomly throughout.  HL2 is probably my favorite non MP first person shooter game out there.  I love the gameplay, story, and the atmosphere the game has.  It is really a great experience.  I also tend to play the first Uncharted here and there, but its control being so different than the seconds I'm finding it hard to go back and play it.  Other than those I just like going back and playing my last gen favorites.  As of now I'm playing Singularity which I think is pretty awesome!  It has a great art style and some pretty neat MP to boot.  I was last playin Red Dead Redemption like non stop....but for some reason I hit a wall in the game where I just didn't care to play it anymore.  I didnt even finish the main story.  I think I'm almost done with the Mexico section according to one of my friends....but I just dont know, the game didn't quite click with me like most of my favorites do.  I played the Hell out of GTA4 when it came out, but that was probably due to my obsession with exploring cities and Liberty City being NYC made it even cooler to just mess around and explore one of my favorite cities!  So hopefully I will finish Singularity (which I consider a Bioshock with better gunplay,  although I think I liked Bioshocks setting better) then maybe play its MP some more.  I may go back to Red Dead, but I really just dont feel like it at all.  I am hoping to then finish Okami finally.  Ive had it for years but only got so far each time.  When I wanted to play it again I had forgotten what happened so I restarted it. I LOVE the art style of it and I intend on finishing it this summer!!!  Here's to that!!!