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Frog...what r u doin wit that water pistol.

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Vinny is the master of political video game cartoons.

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All of the naysayers about this are probably the same people who cried wolf when GB went to CBSi.

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I just listened to the tapes and despite how atrocious the acts being committed are, you really barely hear any of it. It's not like the tape is 5 minutes of the rape happening and you're made to listen to the whole act. They lead up to the acts, but you only hear a few seconds at most before the tape cuts to later audio. I really don't think it's as big a deal as people are making it out to be.

Again I think what happens to the characters is awful, but the way it's played in the audio tapes it doesn't take it too far. If anyone wants to listen for themselves and decide they can be found by googling 'Chico Sound Tapes'.

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I haven't played the game or heard the audio file in question, but I don't think it'd be any different than a rape scene in an R rated movie. Obviously the situation with the bombs is an entirely different thing, but hearing part of an audio clip from said atrocities isn't any worse than some stuff I've seen in R-rated films. Hell, "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" has both rape and objects being forced into unpleasant places and it's still one of my favorite movies. I usually skip over those scenes when I watch it, but it doesn't take away the impact of those plot points having seen those scenes the first time.

If it's a part of the story Kojima felt needed to be in he has every right, it still doesn't mean I will listen to it as I have the general idea of how bad it is. It may be unpleasant, but most games shy away from those situations that probably happen more often than not to imprisioned people. Is it something we need to hear? Maybe not, but at least they're not shying away from the fact that it's likely to happen in those situations.

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I always do get a bit upset when I buy a game the first week when I know that it will be released a year later with all the DLC and be half price. I've started to even wait for games I don't need to play as soon as they come out. Bioshock and Saints Row were the only 2 games I bought first week this year. Everything else I've gotten for $15-$25 as early as 6 months after release.

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Man, GTA Online must have really soured Jeff on GTA V.

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I think Brad is the only one who would possibly consider it dissapointing. It seems like everyone likes it, despite not liking parts of it. There's no way it doesn't at least make it into their top 10 even with Brad's inability to finish the game.

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I'm actually suprised that I'm going to be getting a Wii U this generation. I normally stick solely with Sony, but Wii U has a few games that look fantastic and I also get to play all the good Wii games I missed out on. Never thought I'd ever be buying one, but with the release of Mario 3D World and Wind Waker HD I'll hopefully be getting one for the holiday.

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Ah well. Was planning on getting this for my 3DS when I got it, but it's a shame to see that WayForward is crapping these out. I wonder of CN's being strict when they want them released and rushing WayForward, or WayForward is just taking the license for some easy money.