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Jesus fuck...they're pretty much gutting Gamespot out! Justin? Carolyn? Ryan Mac? Holy crap...

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I really hate to do this, but Alex just changed his twitter name to "a colossal bummer" and his last tweet was "deep sigh". I really hope no one at GB was fired....

I would hope CBSi wasn't that dumb of a company to let them hire two dudes only to fire others...

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I should really buy these.

@octaslash said:

They're great books. It's just too bad that he stole Jose Canseco's life story and sold it for his own personal gain. Still, I hope he writes another one!

I'm speechless. Mostly due to people in that thread not understanding that it was a joke after the first tweet posted or the nonsense of the OP, and the level of stone-cold stupid therein.

So Dan didn't base the books off of Jose Canseco's life then also make another book making fun of him? I really don't understand any of that thread, even if it is a joke I don't get what the joke is...

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This is weird...hope my grabbing of their past freebies doesn't effect me.

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It was pretty funny to see young Link during the final battle beating Ganon. Especially in cut scenes where it's cropped for a taller Link and the 3D model for young Link floats up a bit to match Zelda's height!

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That guy is master of teleporters...they always scared me.

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Been a fan of Jeff and the crew when they were in GameSpot. I didn't frequent the site but I always watched On The Spot and listened to The Hot Spot. Was devastated when Jeff got fired, but was excited when GB started up! I can't imaging what I'd be doing if I didn't have daily content from them to entertain me endlessly!

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I haven't played a new release on consoles since Saints Row 4. I've mostly been buying games when they're $20-$30 6-12 months later as I've found myself playing only a select few games a year. Last console game I played was Tomb Raider in Feb and the next new release I plan on getting is Far Cry 4. I got a 3DS this past winter and have been loving games like Mario Golf, Pushmo, and Fire Emblem. Mario Golf is a great thing to play when listening to podcasts as well Pushmo is a good time waster even if it's three or four puzzles. So I go back and forth depending on which has the games I want to play. My 3DS is mostly all I've touched this summer as I'm catching up on the great games it's had since my time not owning one.

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Here's the codes I have.



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More proof that the Bombcast needs to add it's other staff on Skype as part of it. Rorie's great, but the few times he's been on the Bombcast I couldn't stand him. His brand of silliness works better on video for some reason.

Either way I'm just glad that Vinny isn't pulling a Dave and straight up leaving! I just hope GB expanding doesn't ruin what made it special from the start. I miss the Whiskey days, but the movie to CBSi turned out well and essentially nothing was changed. Last year was pretty rough, but everyone made it through and GB still prevailed. Here's to hoping that they hire more cool people like Drew and Patrick that are good at appearing on camera as well as being an important part of the editorial staff. All it can take is one wrong personality to ruin a live show or Bombcast. I hate to keep bringing up Rorie negatively, but when he came back to GB he almost ruined UPF and other live shows with his constant chat questioning when there only just a second of silence. He's vastly improved and become an important part of live stuff. I have faith in GB and will follow them where ever they go!