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Sheesh this is a shocker. I heard of his health problems keeping him from E3, but this is a surprise. Going to miss his goofyness.

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Sad you're leaving, but glad your videos won't be ending. Been a fan of you since the day you started! Gonna miss you, but you're still gonna have an important presence within the games journalism world!

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CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! I wonder if it has anything to do with him supposedly taking legal action towards the WWE for royalties for using his image.

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I'm a fan of Nintendo, but I don't see any point in getting Smash Bros on 3DS when the Wii U one comes out a few months later...

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The right "analog stick" looks more like those nubs old laptops used to have in the middle of the keyboards that could be used for mouse control.

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I think I'm kind of okay with something like this happening if it has more CPU power. Rather than being stuck with a system with 4 year old hardware, its cool to see innovation within the same system. Not saying my 3DS XL sucks, but if this has more power and maybe possibly HD screens I'd be okay with upgrading. That 2nd thumb stick literally being smaller than a face button is bizarre though. If it's $250 or below I'm down. Not like it's any different than upgrading a phone or PC graphics card every two years. Maybe the "New" part of the title will be changed for the west.

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Do digital purchases from the old 3DS models carry over?

You can System Transfer your Nintendo ID to the new system, so all of your digital purchases will be linked to the new system.

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Just got the Zelda one this past holiday and I STILL want to buy this one too....damn you nintendo. I'll probably wait first to see how it is. I love my 3DSXL, but I'm not a fan of the gold interior the Zelda one has. That and the D-Pad is a bit loose on mine and clicks. If this is a worthy upgrade, then I'll get it and sell my Zelda one.

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Over the past few days there has been an outcry against XSEED, publisher and localization for Akiba's Strip, over the games use of the word "trap", a word which the transgender community considers an offensive slur. I haven't seen any posts here about it and I don't want to start a shit storm over specific critics and such, but rather just a discussion of why it's such a big deal in the first place.

I haven't played the game myself, but from what I can gather the term was used within the context of a 4chan-like message board meant to parody such places that exist on the internet. The word "trap" itself is used towards a female character who is accused of being a male pretending to be a female to gain more popularity on the message boards. The person using the term is essentially just an internet troll, all too common on the internet. Now I understand I could be wrong about all of this, but this just what I can gather from reading about it on various places.

I get that there are people who consider the word offensive towards their lifestyle choices. What I don't understand is the hoopla around it and many demanding that XSEED remove it from the game. XSEED themselves have come out and defended the use of it here ( It's kind of a long read, but they generally say it's a part of the culture, though it isn't deemed as good or right, but it's unfortunately a part of internet culture in places like 4chan to be unnecessarily rude. It is in no way a good thing, but that's just how things are. They are in no way themselves using the slur towards the transgender community as a whole or purposefully trying to cause hate towards them either, they are just showing the reality of the fact that there are people who talk like this towards each other on the internet.

While I do agree that people shouldn't use hateful language as such, not everyone is on the same level as I. There are people who casually use hurtful language to anger or pester others they never see. So why can't this exist within an entertainment medium such as video games? The XSEED post linked above uses the same argument I almost immediately thought of, that is of the film from a few years back Django Unchained and it's use of the n-word. It's a movie set in the deep South when slavery was still a big part of America's culture. This justifies the use of the n-word within it as it was a demeaning term used towards black people during this time in history. Django had it's share of critics, but it didn't have masses of people on the internet demanding they edit or change the movie (well at least as far as I know).

Do those opposed to it have a solid argument against it? Are XSEED right in standing by their decision not to edit or change the term within the game? I understand some consider the word to be hateful, but within it's context it's justified and shouldn't be edited or become PC just because it is offensive to some. Showing that it's hurtful is kind of the reason it's used in such a way, to make people realize that it's a part of internet culture that shouldn't exist. I'm hoping to have a civil and thoughtful discussion on this topic. I usually don't post long things about controversial topics for fear of the worst coming out of it. We have a great community here at GB, but incidents that happened not too long ago show that even our site has some bad eggs who like to cause problems. Here's hoping this doesn't explode in my face!