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Typical Pandemic Mess, But Fun as Hell 0

I was huge fan of Pandemic's 2006 sleeper hit "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction". While it wasn't perfect, it certianly was ambitious and a great deal of fun to play. I eagerly awaited the day when they released a second one for the current console generation, one that fixed and added to the fun gameplay of the 1st. When that day came I was a bit disappointed. "Mercenaries 2" was a barely playable buggy mess of a game. Despite it's very low quality, I still had myself a bit of fun while it...

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Rockstar Ruins Max Payne's Heart and Soul 0

As a huge fan of the originals, so I was a bit skeptical when I saw that Rockstar was going to develop their own Max Payne game. I loved the noir and the grittiness that Remedy crafted with the first two Max Payne games as well as the Matrix-esque bullet time gameplay. I have also loved most of Rockstar's own developed games such as the GTA series and Red Dead Redemption. Finally got around to getting Max Payne 3 when it was super cheap, and boy was I glad I got it for as cheap as I did. I will ...

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