Today, I Learned What "SWATTING" Is

I've known for a long time that online trolling could be a problem, but I never imagined that things could get to this level of bad. Today, I read an article about a teen who was convicted of what is being called "SWATTING". For those of you who don't know -- which included myself yesterday, this is a disturbing trend where people are back tracing the IP and home addresses of live streamers they have a grudge against and calling in threats to police in hopes of triggering a police raid during a live stream.

I'm not sure which part I find more disturbing about this. That even a single person thought of this idea and followed through with it, or that it's been happening enough to have a colloquial nickname. Sort of akin to that ridiculous trend a few years back where people were putting vodka directly into their eyes to get drunk.


After learning the original article I had read about a 15 yo being convicted for 25 to life for SWATTING was based on a hoax, I've opted to edit my posting. A thanks to those who pointed that out to me. However, that doesn't change that the event is happening to people. This is an incredibly serious issue, and a conviction for calling in a fake threat such as this could very well lead to such an outcome.


Bless Ryan Davis!

The Giant Bomb community suffered one of its most profound losses since the inception of the website and community as a whole. Sure, we've had people move on to other sites or different parts of the country, but nothing like this. Almost a week ago, we lost Ryan Davis. My heart goes out to his family, his newly married wife, and his friends. I'm sure Jeff is taking this especially hard.

I never had the privilege to ever meet the man. Yet, he always came across to me as a consummate gentleman and over all nice guy. The kind of guy you'd want to play a game with and invite to a cook-out with all your friends. He was more than just the host of all our live shows. He was the franchise's ultimate ambassador back when it was Whiskey Media. You honestly felt his love for games, comics, tech, movies, and even anime. A true man without borders.

I held off on writing his post, becasue I wanted to collect my thoughts. Strange how the death of a person you've never met could be so impactful. Though, I think that just speaks to the kind of man he was. I spent the last day or so absorbed in many of his older videos that had been gracing the front page since his passing. This is how I want to remember him. Sitting in the host chair, laughing that infectious chuckle, and sharing his life with us. Thanks, Ryan.

I honestly can't think of a better way to end such a post than to add to it a special video that was taken at the end of one of the Live Shows a few years back and some photos from that show. A job well done, Ryan. Rest in peace, Duder.


I Was About Ready to Give Up on Next Gen!

Sony saves me for the next generation of gaming systems.

Something I edited together last night.

I was just about ready to give up on this entire next generation of gaming systems after the XBOX One announcements. I don't like some company mandating to me on how to use the system I paid for. One of the biggest issues I had was that 24 hr. check in or you can't even use offline functions. Don't even get me started on the Microsoft press conference. They basically tell you that if you don't have high speed internet or don't want your system online, then just go buy their left overs that they're going to stop supporting in a year or so.

Everyone was so convinced that the PS4 was going to have all these same issues. I don't need to play games. I'd just like to, and I wasn't going to jump through their hoops like some trained monkey.. Thankfully, Sony saved the day for me. They are going to have none of those restrictions, no creepy "always on" camera", and at a lower cost.

The only real change Sony is making is putting a gate up on the once free multiplayer. That's fine. I really don't care much for multiplayer games to begin with. I don't even use that function on some of the games I own (ASSASSIN'S CREED 3). The only multiplayer I even play now is UNCHARTED 3. I actually bought UC3 partly becasue I had so much fun with the UC2 multiplayer -- both competitive and co-op. (I've posted some You Tube videos of some of my UC3 games in my Giant Bomb blogs.) I own PERSONA 4 ARENA, but I've only played one online match since buying it -- for the trophy -- and I won that fight.

I'm a casual gamer, don't find any appeal in paying for access to features in the game I purchased. Feels more like I'm renting the game. It's not as if we all don't know that more and more games are just going to start adding more micro transactions to these online multiplayers. They want me to pay to play, and their added features? No thanks. I can pass on that.

Ultimately, there's no way in hell I'd buy a PS4 on launch. I remember all the issues the PS3 had at the beginning. Better to wait down the line for them to iron out all the issues, then put out a better version -- at possibly an even lower price by then. It just feels that Sony has completely undercut Microsoft. When the holiday season comes around, and the non-hardcores are deciding which to buy. Odds are strong that people will pick the one that costs less and has no restrictions.


BioShock Infinite Finale Reaction (Non-Spoiler)

While I haven't played out the latest BIOSHOCK INFINITE game myself. I did recently finish watching a play through of the game. This game continues the grand tradition of mind-f%$#$%& the audience in the best possible ways. Few games are capable of such rich world building and plot.

Jeff and Ryan weren't lying in the least about some of the racism in this story during the Quick Look. The imagery gets very raw. It's a bit surprising more people don't make a bigger deal of it. Especially when we remember the history of RESIDENT EVIL 5. I think BIOSHOCK INFINITE gets a pass, becasue they never glorify it and the era they choose. It's pretty obvious that these are ignorant and horrible people.

I'm not going to go into any details of what the grand revelations were for the third installment of the franchise. I think I can best sum up my reaction without spoiling anything with a single image.

Yeah, it was wild, say the least.


Uncharted 3 Team Deathmatch Win Videos!

This is a round of UNCHARTED 3's Team Deathmatch that I played solo in a random public match. We were losing pretty regularly through much of the match, but I was able to pull out the win for my team by pushing us ahead. That shotgun can be a beast, but it's only short range.

This is a round of UNCHARTED 3's Team Deathmatch that I played with a group a few weeks ago, one of which is a Giant Bomb community member X19. While I came out on top of this match with a 14-4 K/D, Pete normally kicks my ass in score whenever we play together. I kind of got lucky this match.

I know the video ends suddenly at the end, but I was having a problem converting the video when I let the video go too long. It would lock up my PS3. This was the only version that would work right. This video as my first time using the annotation options.


Persoan 4 Glasses Coming to Japan

I heard recently that in Japan they're going to be making official glasses with frames based on PERSONA 4 designs.

I love these styles. I could actually use a new set of frames. The set for the main protagonist are my favorite. It's just sad that I doubt these will come to the US anytime soon.


Proof that I May Be Playing ARKHAM CITY Too Much

Here is a bit of photographic proof that I may be playing BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY a bit too much. I was just goofing around, having fun, and trying to beat my previous score on one of the Catwoman combat challenges. I'm not a leader boards chaser. I scored pretty well in the challenge, and out of curiosity I decided to check the leader boards. I think my jaw dropped when I saw I ranked 77th on the entire PSN leader boards. This is a year after the game has been out.

I love playing as Catwoman in these challenges. In the predator challenges, Catwoman can move so damn fast and no one can hear you. It feels so awesome to clear a room of three guys before the alert goes out on the first.

I was surprised to see there were no guides made on Giant Bomb for ARKHAM CITY. I think I may be interested in putting together a guide for the combat challenges. Have you ever played the challenges and not sure what you need to do to score big?

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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer: Team Objective 14-0 Match

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer: Team Objective

This is a match that I played last week in UNCHARTED 3's Team Objective mode. They recently released a new patch and updates that unlocked the final two Legacies (their version of Prestige). In this match we won and I got a 14 to 0 Kill to Death. I think it's probably the first time I've played Team Objective and didn't die once. There was no camping involved either.

Some weird things kind of happened in that match. You'll see at one point I got a head shot with the Dragon sniper rifle, but it didn't kill him. One of my team was using the Creepy Crawlers spider Kick Back. You can see it in action in this video.

Check out this video of me kicking some ass and repping clan "CHIE", of which I'm the only member. =D I'm using the new Golden Abyss Nathan Drake skin and the new Come At Me, Bro taunt.

Among the other updates from Naughty Dog. There are now hats and micro transactions. Hats aren't just for show and actually alter your character's stats. They have both positive and negative stats. One that I unlocked in the Luchadore Mask. As an example, this mask give me more stopping power, but my rate of fire is a little slower. All the hats have pros and cons. Just to clarify, I wasn't using the mask in this video.

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PERSONA 4 Gets A Movie, and Maybe PERSONA 3!!

It seems that today a PERSONA 4 movie was aired in Japan at a very limited number of theaters. The movie is titled PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION -THE FACTOR OF HOPE-. While it's more of a clip show that recaps the events from the 25 episode long PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION anime series. It also includes some new footage and the un-aired True Ending episode.

Rumors have also been spreading by those who have come out of the movie that after the credits there is a teaser for a PERSONA 3 movie.

Read the Full Story HERE

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Uncharted 3 TDM Vid

This is a match I played of the UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer. It's a Team Deathmatch I played along with a user on Giant Bomb, he's the person I'm Buddied with. He always kicks a lot of ass in this game. I took my first try at uploading a full match. I fast forwarded through some of the boring parts and got to the kills. The match went into Overtime, but we still won.

If you have UNCHARTED 3, You can add me on Facebook and synch up your UC3 profile to your own Facebook account. Then we can play together some time. Even if you don't like competitive online play, the co-op stuff is a ton of fun to play, as well. There are always people playing Co-op Arena and Adventure.

My loadout for this match is

  • Character Skin: Nepal Chloe
  • Long Gun: Elena's G-Mal (Quick Reload/Clip Size/Call Out Mods)
  • Pistol: Micro (Rapid Fire Mod)
  • Booster 1: Fleet Foot Lvl. 3
  • Booster 2: Power Hunter Lvl. 1
  • Kickback: Hammer
  • Taunt: Pump

Facebook Account: Kristoffer Remmell

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ AnimeVicers/ @ FoxxFireArt