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I have a friend who "cannot stand Phil Fish" and I ask him why. He tells me because Fish is whiny. I tell him so what if some person out there is whiny, you have absolutely ZERO interaction with the individual. My view of Fish is a pointless opinion because I Dont let it color my experience with a game. I mean, shit, this is the real world and if you can only enjoy things created by perfect saints then goodbye videogames.

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I will wear the fact that I was unintentionally ratted out by Ryan Davis through Twitter at California Extreme as a badge of honor for the rest of my days.

Ryan's NARCing on angels now...

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I like the idea that shit idiotic writing is "different" and therefore worth keeping around. Seriously guys. Go defend a Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich movie then, or a Dan Brown novel, because that's the actual vault Kojima is yanking this baloney from.

He's a jackass pretending at being a serious auteur, undermining his own work every step of the way with yet more idiocy. This is a guy that wants to talk about child soldiers while he sticks a sniper chick in a bikini on screen, wants to talk about Guantanamo bay and torture, and does it side by side with Policenauts references, horse stealth, cybercowboys and hiding in cardboard boxes. This is a dude that genuinely thinks he has serious things to say about war and conflict. He doesn't. He has nothing to say about those things. He just farts for hours and hours and hours in HIGH DEFINITION.

You call it "quirky" or "weird". Swery's games are quirky and weird. Kojima's games are just stupid, and I don't understand why people aren't giving him a harder time. He should be better than this now and the only reason he's not getting better is because people keep letting him get away with garbage.

I wouldn't call anything Kojima Productions does "quirky" because that's a cop out of a description. It's more like a cognitive dissonance for the player: peppering in realistic traits with absurd juxtaposition. You either internalize what you see and move on or (in your case) spit it back out, and that's fine. People like Metal Gear games because they're one of the few AAA franchises left that actually exhibit a specific designer's personal style. So what if he wants to talk about the Cold War one minute and in the next show a dude whose battle cry is a "meow"?

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YO Patricia you self righteous opinion slinging cunt get of giant bomb and back on Kotak-oh shit this was actually written by a dude from this site, well shit. Way to sell out to Gamestop.

Magnificent use of irony sir! I well appreciated your jape of the assumed gender and sex of the author. Indeed, we are all aware of the embarrassment implicit within an antithetical gender swap, ho ho, females have no place crafting the literary word! Mayhaps you and I shall retire to the lounge to discourse on the subject of the corporate American titan of preowned electronic entertainments, Gamestop, you seem to believe to be in fiscal dominion over this website. Regardless, I laughed heartily and graciously towards this exquisite example of literary comedy.

James Thurber would be proud.

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My point is, the only conversations should be between whoever the victim is and the people who can aid. No room for armchair defenders and security experts.

I don't like people who decided what conversation I should and should not have.

You're right. I'm a user and this is my experience, what will you do to prevent it in the future?

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What I'm saying is that the conversation here shouldn't be so much about what could have been done on the user side, but instead pushing Blizzard to think outside of the normal means box for methods to prevent these issues.

The commercial release is barely two weeks old and the developer is already underselling (perhaps not 100% truthfully) the number of cases here. I know there have been methods to hacking for a long time, is it "venting" to wonder if maybe there's something server side being exploited?

I think the appropriate analogy is identity theft. Now maybe the victim didn't shred every single piece of junkmail, but then there are people who casually leave their belongings out in the open. My point is, the only conversations should be between whoever the victim is and the people who can aid. No room for armchair defenders and security experts.

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Came back to the game last night to find my character totally stripped, save for the soul-bound items. I don't mind the hackers so much, it's these ridiculous apologists on the forums.

"Oh you got hacked because it's your own fault for not taking precautions A-Z! Wait, you did take all the precautions? Then you must be lying because Blizzard and any other online entities are impregnable fortresses of security."<-- says the person who obviously doesn't remember any kerfuffle approximately a year ago...

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So be it.  Price drops are inevitable.  I harbor no ill will, but if Nintendo sees fit to reward me for buying early, I have no reason to complain.  

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More Batman?  Yes please.  Just close the door behind you and no matter what you hear DO NOT OPEN IT!