400 Games in Collection?!


Well, I figured a milestone like this was worth a blog. According to my gamespot profile, my collection has finally reached 400 games, which seems insane, but keep in mind many of these have been digitally purchased via Steam and XBLA. Of these, the number of games I've beaten might not be quite so high...

On a side note, it seems like I've been winning a bunch of stuff lately. I recently won a Bayonetta replica gun from On the Spot (third thing I've won from this site). I also just got a free copy of Red Faction with a code from Darksiders, and I have to say, it's a damn good game. I just got some free zelda posters too, which is pretty cool. I actually got a free $25 gift card to gamestop from this survey site recently, and it looks like I'll get another in the next week or so.

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