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Yo, yo. I like video games so much that it'll make my eyes bleed. Don't test my skills or you in for a head beat.

I'll shoot you in the face in a game of Killzone. Or make it SF4 and I'll end your game in a K.O.

I own a PS3 boy, that's the only way to do. My PSN is LiquidOp. Add me and I'll scrape and make you look like a fool.

But in my down time of owning little noobies, I like to kick back with a girl and we watch some movies.

I'm not sure if you can tell by now, but I love rap and I be styling on clowns.

My rapping skill is a little sub par, but like the difficulty I play my games on I go Extra Hard.

Oh, and I got to throw this in to light up a spark. I also do Twitter. Follow me, my name is Markie_marc.