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I love it! Seems like it'll help them keep the cost down and get a better adoption rate for these things. Besides, who wants a controller you can't be a little rough with? Seems like you're just asking for trouble playing meat boy with a controller that'll break when you throw it across the room. I'm sure the familiarity of the button layouts will make it less scary for the public as well.

The traditional button layout seems like it'll make a lot of traditional 3d games a lot more playable. I wasn't sure how a game like Metal Gear Rising (for example) would play with the weird button layout but with this it's super easy to imagine. GG Valve

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I smoked on and off for probably a couple years. Was up to probably half a pack a day for a few months there. Decided to quit a year or so ago and haven't looked back

Let me tell you this: the reason cigarettes are so addictive is due to the psychological addiction, not the physical. Quitting is easy, but if there's a part of the routine that explicitly reminds you of the act then it's going to be a struggle not to go and buy a pack every time that comes up. And once you have a pack on you it's all over.

I saw it in the person that got me into cigarettes; every time he'd have a coffee, he'd have a smoke too. He loved coffee but said that he needed a smoke every time he'd drink coffee because he'd smoked every time he had a coffee for a long time. He just couldn't help himself. I've seen this pattern repeated over and over; study break smokes, drunk smokes, morning smokes, smokes when you see a particular friend, you name it. I made the decision to not associate smokes with any important thing in my life and it's probably the reason I'm not smoking today.

It's certainly a failsafe but if you're going to smoke and you don't plan on struggling with addiction down the track, this is your best bet

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Not a steam machine isn't that interesting to me but I am very interested in the OS and the controller

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Yeah the closest thing to a record of the past that we have stored in our dna is the fact that it's evolved over countless generations to suit the environment around it. It doesn't actually record the discrete events that have happened

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definitely get a Lenovo. they do awesome sales up to something like 33% off though so wait for one of those! they should have one around Christmas time or just after

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Absolutely no competition. IV was alright but it was a slog and the basic mechanics made it feel like you were driving soap bars and walking through water. V really tightens things up and for me was the first GTA that felt really polished and fun the whole way through

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Bad opinion. Bad you

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The fact that she'd do something like join the army makes me question how much she values your relationship. 
Barring some sort of (really excellent) reason of why she needs to do this, if it were me I'd call it quits for the four years, maybe seeing her when she's back home, and then at the end of the four years see where you two are at. Anything else just seems like asking for trouble to me. Five years is a long time to be together but life is too short and if she's putting your relationship in jeopardy like this I wouldn't be inspired to risk wasting four years of my life and getting my heart broken.  That being said I don't know the details.

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@Brendan: I'm pretty sure Randy Pitchford was talking about sequels somewhere. He seems like a dude that would give his right arm before he let Duke die on his watch anyway