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By the way I have no idea how to pull videos from Twitch or if someone has already pulled this video already. Just needs some confirmation from duders around here who might have already pulled the video or has uploaded else where.

Check this out, yo

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It's from . Unfortunately, I don't have enough Internets to use since most Internet providers in Canada have absurdly small download caps.

Yes! You beautiful human being!

Alright guys, case closed, pack up! Thank you for your cooperation.

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I think you can find that video on YouTube already, if it's the one I'm thinking of. I'd link to it here, but I'm on my phone right now

Oh god, I hope it is. No idea what to search for though.

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Hey gang!

If you haven't been paying attention to news coming from in the last couple days (I sure haven't; just found out via Patrick's twitter), in three weeks all archived videos older than 60 days will be deleted:

So here's the thing: On the GB channel, buried deep in the archives, there is a video that I think needs to be saved before this happens. I found it the day after Ryan passed, digging through the archive trying to make myself feel better, and that video did wonders for my mood. Let me pitch it to you; maybe you've seen it: It's Ryan, Jeff and Rorie on the couch/chair in the Whiskey basement. It's late, it's dark, they're drunk - like, on a perfect level. They shoot the shit and say all kinds of hilarious things. Ryan pitches all kinds of absurd scenarios to Rorie (who is out of it), and Jeff provides color commentary. The camera frame is askew and I think there's music and background noise. It might have been during a BLLSL, I'm not sure.

I'm drawing a blank for more details about the content. I've only seen it once and haven't been able to find it since then. I don't think it got deleted; rather the lack of a Twitch subscription is preventing me from seeing it (does that make sense?). Searching for it via text search is very difficult, because the title of the video consists only of Japanese characters.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and where to find the video, or has a way to pull it from Twitch, I'd be eternally grateful and you will gain my undying love.

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They made me do it.

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Having never been to the UK may give me an unfair advantage here, but I'm willing to risk it:

East Putney.

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I have a GTA4 Complete Edition (main game plus both episodes) and a copy of San Andreas. I'd like to trade both for CS:GO.

Add me on Steam if you're interested Just be sure to mention Giant Bomb.

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You should send that in as a Bombcast email.