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It's up to the staff, of course, and I'm sure the loss is much worse for them than us, but I'd kind of like a live stream where we could all just memorialize him together. I may not have known him in person, but my life is better because of who he was. I'd like to commemorate that with others who feel the same.

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I feel like I've lost a close friend. He will be sorely missed.

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My condolences, Patrick.

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I had hoped that 8-4 play was coming here after they mentioned that they were no longer being hosted at 1Up on their last podcast.

It's easily one of the top 5 podcasts out there and offers a great perspective on Japanese games.

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I did my only playthrough on Insanity as a soldier. It was supposed to be my first playthrough, but the ending sucked that out of me.

I found it much easier than ME2 Insanity difficulty. It would have been even easier if I'd used the Particle Rifle from the From Ashes DLC, but considering how the rest of the game is balanced infinite ammo seemed like cheating to me.

The only hard parts were Grissom academy courtyard, Kai Leng, and the very last Marauder. It's a bit odd that that last Marauder took more retries than anything else in the game.

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Fantastic interview, Patrick.

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I have the same issue and the same quest, except it's in Falkreath.

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The temptation to watch this tomorrow is going to be so very, very strong.

I must resist.

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I had some doubts going in, mainly around Origin. I gave the beta a shot and well, let's just say that neither BF3 nor Origin is on my system anymore.

The game itself is decent, nothing special. The graphics are nice, even on my older PC, which I had actually been considering upgrading for BF3 even though it's a bad time of year for it. Good graphics do not make a good game, however.

The UI, however, is horrible. The web browser based game selection screen is an idea so bad that it could only have come from upper management.

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Great article, Patrick.

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