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Looks like I had a free code for the DLC waiting for me in my e-mail thanks to a contest I won. After a few runs down from the top I have to say it's a mixed bag. It defenatly like the old tricky courses. The fireworks, all the pipes, a million ramps, and the obligatory cool down section in the middle full of trees. However all of it feels, weird with the current trick system compared to how those older games worked. Now you can still get massive trick scores on this run, but with the new trick model being all about just spamming tricks left and right to get your combo meter up the tree section feels way out of place as it's just not how that feels it should work. The long slopes down to a jump also feel off with you having to hop all over the place you can't really get enough speed to get the big trick unless you do a board press all the way down the hill with (for me anyhow) seems to lead to me doing the same trick over and over once I leave the jump because my finger was on the board press button.

This is also the run where i finally had to turn off the pilot. Having him in your ear saying more tricks more tricks like a withdrawing crackhead was really annoying. I don't know if it's because they weren't expecting to ever have a run this long and all that more tricks crap is placeholder dialogue but it's irritating to hear after a while so he's on mute from now on (he honestly added very little to the game anyhow).

The new way they are doing the Global Events is kind of dumb in my opinion. I like the idea of the quick high stakes runs but to then have the other 7 or so mountains be totally empty seems stupid. I liked to come on, go the few hills I liked, and get a few events done and get off. Also some of the entry fees for the high roller drops are a bit much. To make that part worse, all the feedback on the EA forums seems to be that the people there (uber players) want like 5 million cred drops. I really hope they don't listen to them.

Anyhow, the new mountain is fun, and will give the game a bit more life but they still seem to be making some weird decisions in some key spots as relates to this game.

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If the dev wanted to make a tricky style sequel why didn't they just do that from the start instead of giving us this half eaten piece of cake?

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Also, the extra XP they are talking about right now is reserved for the 1.5 mill peaks.

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From EA:

Just a heads up we are pushing the latest GE settings out tonight. Probably very late, I'm guessing around 2am PST.

So starting tomorrow there will only be GE's on 3 ranges: a 'high-roller' range, a casual player range and Mt. Eddie.

There will only be @10 events per range, mostly on feature peaks to begin.

You should see a banner in the main menu that will take you directly to the highest entry drop on the high roller range.

The featured ranges will change every day, as will the events on Mt. Eddie.

Mt. Eddie will have a mix of cheap and high entry fee events, and always a low-level gear restricted event that should be useful for new characters who you haven't levelled up yet.

Not 100% sure but there may also be some extra XP floating around in GE's this week. If not, soon I hope.

That's all. Hope this works out well!


This is a nice little fuck up. So this is something that probably sounded better in theory then in practice. I think the idea was to force people to stop playing on Serenity so much and move us around to different peaks. Except that the vast majority of the other peaks suck big time. So what you have (looking at today's drops) is a few people playing on a few peaks but no where near the amount of people that were playing the game before. The cheap drops have such a small handful of people on them that the prize payout isn't even worth entering. the free ones still have a few people but not enough to bother. The "high roller' drops are basically taking up the good drops and they want like 750k or 1.5 mill credits from you to join. This is kind of bullshit in my view and this was the wrong way to go with this. instead of admitting that what they did was shit, they made a DLC pack that is supposed to be better and then force you to either play it, or a few other peaks that people weren't all that interested in. Great job guys.

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I put in the code and got the red cubes. Went back to the 64 cube door and the red cube that's spinning still looks sort of incomplete. I still can see 3 yellow cubes in the tops of the cube there and nothing else in that room happens. I don't think I ever got a red cube thing from the security question room. I put the word together, those blocks disappeared and I got the anticube but never remember seeing any red cubes. Going back to that room does nothing. Was there something else I was supposed to have done there? Really don't want to have to start over.

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Not sure if this means anything or not but I went to the moon stage (room you needed 32 cubes to enter then go tot he moon gravity area) and went down instead of going up. Then rotate the screen twice and there's a picture on the back of one of the lower areas. Looks like a bunch of concentric circles with 4.. umm something. above them.

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The last levels of the story potion of the game are not only the hardest for me but downright dumb. THe point of the deadly descents up till that point is just survival and then they go and turn them into a race against an AI opponent that never fails, and pile them back to back as if I needed any more reason tho hate this game. I have at this point failed to beat the final one and I just had to take the disc out of the xbox and put it away. I really hate what they have down with this franchise as every other SSX was just pure fun with a little challenge. This is a few fun levels with tons of massive headaches making up the majority of the game it seems.

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Had the developers not put so many terrible (IE everything to do with the deadly descents) levels in this game I'm betting the reviews would have been better. Nothing about those levels are fun at all.

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The main problem with this game is that on the cover of the box it says SSX, and it's not SSX. I know games need to evolve and change but this just the trick system from the SSX series bolted onto something so different that it might as well just be a different game. There's no outlandish locals like in the early SSX games. There's no Giant mountain like SSX3. There's a TON of content in the game that a lot of people actively dislike.

What makes matters worse is that the part of the game that I thought would be the fun part, the score chasing, just makes the game more frustrating. The bunny hop part of the game is plain stupid. It's basically gaming the system to the point that it doesn't resemble what the game seems to want you to do. The time between new combos screws you over if you want a massive score as you can't cost off to the next good jump, you have to do a bunch of sub tricks or goof with the shitty ground tricks to keep your combo going. Rewind at first seemed to be a good idea until you realize that is drains your score making the thing useless.

The main reason this isn't an SSX game is that in it's essence, SSX was about goofing off and getting a good enough score to get the medals and move on. Now your score is up against everyone online and unless your really really good that makes the game worthless to play. The only reason to keep playing is to keep score chasing and if your just not going to be one of the ones that can drive the narrow road to victory your games always going to tell you how much you suck every time you log in. I knew in the old games I wasn't the best SSX player in teh world, but at leas I was good enough that I was always having fun, and now I'm just irritated I have to restart teh same run 15 times before I eventually just pull the disc out and play something that's just always fun and not trying my patience.