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I'm thinking of putting some 8-bit daft punk remixes on there (Da Chip 1 & 2).

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I'm curious how much of the new stuff is eventually going to be ignored by people once they survive it. So far (to me) none of that new stuff is fun, and the race/trick events that have pieces of those survival level scattered throughout are even less fun.

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I actually just finished AC:Rev today myself. I have to somewhat agree although Ezio realizing who Desmond will be and how his ability to see Altier's memories might some day be seen by a later generation was quite cleaver.

That being said this game had 2 of my favorite AC moments. Ezio dressed as a minstrel and making fun of everything was hilarious and the developer transforming the horse cart battles (which I hated in every incarnation) into something truly exciting and something I wasn't expecting at the end of AC:R. But yes, everything involving Desmond just seems tacked on. Even the extra 5 or so stages just seemed like an odd mess with mechanics that seemed nonsensical and pointless, just to do something else.

also I didn't hate the tower defense stuff, although forcing it into the regular flow of the game was kind of dumb. Having that tower defense as something I could fire up when I wanted to do it would have been better as it was fun/interesting outside of the context they tried to put it in.

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Sounds like a good time


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Japan never understood why the original Kid Icarus game was popular over here so they never made any sequels for it. Now they are FINALLY making one decades (yes DECADES) later and they are going to make sure no one likes it so that they won't be bothered for any more games.

Thumbs up?

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The things I want out of a handheld I get from my phone and from tables now. Power gaming on a device this small almost seems pointless to me now.

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Is that sort of thing able to stand up in court? It's not like I'm signing a no compete contract when being employed by a company. Seems like this is bullshit.

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Why does Capcom feel that in order to make their game better they need to overhaul them in ways that make little to no sense to people outside of hardcore players? None of these systems help anyone. The idea behind Parrying was that it would allow you to get out of a bad situation, but the timing is so precise that it's only useful to a small percentage of people overall that play it. The same can be said for Focus attacks, dash cancels, and the like.

I was really looking forward to this game as I liked both games, in the past. I liked Street Fighter 4 for a bit till it seemed like everyone else figured out all the twitch happy counter stuff and I got left in the dust. Now I have to remember to hit someone x times with such and such a move during a match to , aww forget it. I'll just go back to playing Street Fighter 2.

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I find it kind of amusing that a lot of the "I didn't like that game" basically boil down to "I don't like a game that doesn't fit into what I feel a game should be." It's a valid point, and it bears out in the sales of many games on the market. Someone recently tried to sue a theater for showing a movie that she thought was going to be like Fast and the Furious.

It's like telling someone your going to tell them a joke, and then you ask them a riddle.

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I really want more kinect in the xbox. As lazy as it feels it's still sweet.