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The things I want out of a handheld I get from my phone and from tables now. Power gaming on a device this small almost seems pointless to me now.

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Is that sort of thing able to stand up in court? It's not like I'm signing a no compete contract when being employed by a company. Seems like this is bullshit.

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Why does Capcom feel that in order to make their game better they need to overhaul them in ways that make little to no sense to people outside of hardcore players? None of these systems help anyone. The idea behind Parrying was that it would allow you to get out of a bad situation, but the timing is so precise that it's only useful to a small percentage of people overall that play it. The same can be said for Focus attacks, dash cancels, and the like.

I was really looking forward to this game as I liked both games, in the past. I liked Street Fighter 4 for a bit till it seemed like everyone else figured out all the twitch happy counter stuff and I got left in the dust. Now I have to remember to hit someone x times with such and such a move during a match to , aww forget it. I'll just go back to playing Street Fighter 2.

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I find it kind of amusing that a lot of the "I didn't like that game" basically boil down to "I don't like a game that doesn't fit into what I feel a game should be." It's a valid point, and it bears out in the sales of many games on the market. Someone recently tried to sue a theater for showing a movie that she thought was going to be like Fast and the Furious.

It's like telling someone your going to tell them a joke, and then you ask them a riddle.

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I really want more kinect in the xbox. As lazy as it feels it's still sweet.

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Somewhat topical... 

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Yeah this bug is seeming less like a bug now if it's on both systems. So just so I'm clear, arcade mode, slightly broken, online matchmaking mostly non-existant? Yep sounds like street fighter.

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I guess the difference here is I never really wanted to be EVO good or even close to that. Back in the day it was all about just being better than the group of people you played with and over time you would get better from playing a lot. Playing random games online isn't quite the same and there's no camaraderie to make up for the fact that you just got your ass handed to you. 
and the whole frame advantage stuff just seems way too meta for me.

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I know this will probably just show off my newbishness but Parrying escapes me entirely. I can see how people who can master it will be better than others, but I can't see that I'll ever get there. Just as 2 button throws in SF4 (and this game) are so much different to me than the SF2/SFA 1 button throws, holding forward instead of backwards to deal with incoming attacks just seems too alien. 
When I was younger (and even when I was older) I played a LOT of SF games. I was never a bad ass at it but I enjoyed it for what it was and got used to it. I played it so dang much that a lot of what goes on in the game became second nature to me and changes like this are hard to even get my muscle memory to even deal with. 
Stuff like parrying and cancels are so split second based that I feel I'll never get to that level of play and it's a bit disappointing. Ahh well getting old I guess.  How exactly do people get good at this stuff anyhow. I just always feel like I'm a full 2 seconds slower than everyone in this regard.
Lastly (and off topic) having an end boss that full heals when you kill it is pretty terrible and leads to games where I have to kill in the first round, Kill in the seond round and watch him rez, then die, and kill in the 3rd round, and that's a bit nutso.
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For the life of me I can't understand why Capcom fails at this with every release of these games. It's been terrible ever since the Dreamcast and has never gotten better. I understand that a lot of the issues stem from users being impatient and starting and quitting games faster than their stuff can keep up with but for it to chug as much as it does looking for someone, then failing and booting me to a menu just seems like early PC days of matchmaking to the point of absurdity. 
If your paitent and don't mind waiting you can find games but it takes time. 
Lastly, I don't understand why the matchmaking seems completely different in each release. SF4's method of getting you a game while you play single player was about as good as it got, so why ditch that for this release? Moreover, the party mode is really clunky and doesn't really make any sense when it first starts. After each match is it really necessary to exit the game and go back to a lobby every time?