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For the life of me I can't understand why Capcom fails at this with every release of these games. It's been terrible ever since the Dreamcast and has never gotten better. I understand that a lot of the issues stem from users being impatient and starting and quitting games faster than their stuff can keep up with but for it to chug as much as it does looking for someone, then failing and booting me to a menu just seems like early PC days of matchmaking to the point of absurdity. 
If your paitent and don't mind waiting you can find games but it takes time. 
Lastly, I don't understand why the matchmaking seems completely different in each release. SF4's method of getting you a game while you play single player was about as good as it got, so why ditch that for this release? Moreover, the party mode is really clunky and doesn't really make any sense when it first starts. After each match is it really necessary to exit the game and go back to a lobby every time?
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  3. 3 Right now Ken is the only caracter I feel comfortable with with RyU and Akuma close seconds (for obvious reasons)
  4. 4 Ohio, EST -5GMT
  5. 5 I have a crappy headset
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are they alluding to Desmond just being another animus construct that someone else in the future is re-living?

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So want this now. 
And yes Enzio needed his own game. I like how this is following a different route than previous games. As long as they can keep the quality high I'm happy.

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Uhhh, what?

I just want another burnout paradise.
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I loved the first and second Beast games but never got to play the 3rd. I played them on my old Amiga 500 and loved the hell out of them. I'm really surprised no one has ever tried to re-make these games in some way. I just want to hear remixed versions of the themes again.

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I played Street Fighter 2 a lot when it was in the arcades way back in the late 80's early 90's (I forget exactly). I wasn't the best in the world but the game made sense to me back then. I was pretty good and enjoyed the game immensely. I never really played Street Fighter 3 as I was in college at the time and the place I was at didn't really have a copy of the game nearby so I just skipped it. I played it a little on the Dreamcast, but offline and vs the AI.

Fast forward to today and I find myself trying to play the game as if it was still Street Fighter 2 and it just doesn't work. I'm actually almost ready to just give up because I don't understand any of the timing. I play through the challenge modes and usually get to the point where they want you to do several attacks followed by a cancel into another attack and I can never pull it off. To start the amount of buttons you tend to have to press with split second speed just eludes me. I can never seem to get them to fire off and only recently am able to even cancel a focus attack, but all it ever does is whiff, I can never get it to go into the EX moves the game seems to want. Either way I don't ever find myself actually wanting to pull any of these moves off outside of the challenge rooms. I know they are useful, but they are so incredibly difficult to pull off in the first place that I'll never be able to use them properly.

People I play online (especially now) are so fluent with pulling these crazy things off that it's not uncommon for me to be hit with some nuts combo that it reminds me of what I hated back in the day about MK and Killer Instinct. I used to like that street Fighter combos were usually 4 hits with the rare 5 hit and now  that it's changed I find myself in some kind of old timers limbo.

It seems that the only character I even have a decent shot with most days is Zangief, and that's only because I don't need to land too many hits or combos to win, but I'd rather be playing half the other characters.

Anyone else feel like they are in the same boat with this game/series?
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Anyone on here know of a way to hear the Block Rockin beats cover online? Amazons is enough to make me really want to laugh myself into a coma listening to the full version. Plus a buddy of mine is a big Chemical Brothers Fan and I want to make him piss himself.

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It's pretty bad but playable. It actually reminds me of the first few months Diablo 2 was out in terms of the hitches and lag. Hopefully they will fix it. I started playing this morning at 9ish and here it is 1:30 and I just finally got out of my seat. I feel the D2 burn again.

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The game is all kinds of awesome. Been scoorechasing Supermarius for over a week now and that alone is tons of fun.