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I'm kinda surprised at the amount of people who said they expected an achievement doing this. Why didn't you just check beforehand? If anything I'm impressed that James even said anything afterwards.

I wasn't expecting an achievement, and personally I don't value them, but it should at the very least have netted a lousy 2 paragon points. It's one of the moments in the game where James is seriously impressed with Shepard, yet no reward whatsoever. You can get a lousy 2 paragon points just for having a brief conversation with someone, but spend several minutes laboring over prompt timed pull-ups, and you've only wasted your time. It's an oversight in an otherwise mostly solid DLC.

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It wasn't just the overuse (and even bait & switch) of Joker that upset me.

They played up the game as having 8 hard to beat assassins, and that was far from the case. Half or more were just easy to beat regular Batman villains.

Most of the side missions are way too easy, repetitious, and even boring.

The datapacks were lackluster compared to the trophies of AC, and there were no puzzle rooms at all like with Riddler rescues.

It was an extremely short campaign with no boss fights that had adaptable immunity to attack styles like Mr Freeze of AC.

Crimes in Progress were quick and easy brawls, and you didn't even have to get there within a time limit like Cold Call Killer from AC.

AC had bigger multi enemy battles, and you had to really stay focused and use special combos a lot. Here once the Shock Gloves come out, it's easy win and no need for special combos.

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@frag_maniac: probably not in combat, but you can definitely manually decide what the second target should be.

Meh, not really. You only get several predetermined options showing, and it's often impossible to pick the two you want.

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Depends what you mean by "solid".

Considering it's a more mediocre version of the same, and is getting ratings in the 70s vs the 90s that the first two got, it's clearly showing it's inferiority, as expected having been made by a far less experienced dev team.

It's acceptable I guess if you're a huge Batman gamer that has to have every installment, but I'm sure even some of the most adoring fans had issues with this one not keeping up to Rocksteady's high standards.

It will be interesting to see if this one is still nominated at VGA, despite it's lower ratings.

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I've had it happen repeatedly during the Batwing cutscene of a fast travel, but only once during a mission, and it was somewhere in Penguin's boat. I was able to relaunch the game and get the audio to play for the boat though.

I've yet to test thoroughly to see whether the audio drop out for the Batwing in fast travel cutscenes is random or just one or two specific fast travel spots. Most of the time I get audio from the Batwing in those scenes.

Come to think of it though, I DID have a problem with most of Gordon's escaped prisoner side missions regarding audio dropouts. Most of the time Batman's radio message to Gordon after apprehending them was cut off quickly. Whether that's an actual tech problem with the audio not playing, or dialog that never got completed, is hard to say.

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Maybe Shock Gloves, if it even IS a gadget.

The Remote Claw is not bad, but it seems different from how they showed it in the trailers. I was assuming from what they showed that you had to manually target a 2nd object while in a brief slow mo. I think they said they hadn't ironed out all the details at that point though. They probably figured the multi auto target option was more in step with free flow combat. I'm not sure I consider the Remote Claw to be something I'd whip out in the middle of a ground fight though. The regular Batclaw with quickfire is more suited to that. The only time I use the Remote Claw in combat is in starting a battle when sneaking up on them. Since I use it that way, I'd prefer to be able to manually pick my 2nd target. That way you could Disrupt two guy's guns, then pick another two with guns for the RC, or pick a guy in the middle of the bunch and attach the other end to an exploding canister, fire extinguisher, etc. As is you have limited options.

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I'm sure much of that is to account for the upgrades you can get. Once you have the Shock Gloves and the faster combo upgrade, it's easy to just bounce around beating the crap out of them.

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At first I was really digging this game, maybe because it's better than I expected from such an inexperienced dev team that needed so much tutelage from Rocksteady. Upon completion however, I noticed some glaring weaknesses.


  1. They advertised it as if Black Mask is the main villain, only to have Joker yet again in disguise.
  2. Black Mask's side quest was a mere stash hunt and simple goon mop up in the church.
  3. They advertised it as having 8 hard to defeat "assassins", but in reality most are just your average Batman villains and easy to beat.
  4. The campaign is extremely short, with a point of no return that comes without warning.
  5. There's no elaborate puzzles with Enigma like with Riddler's rescues in Arkham City.
  6. The datapacks are boring and easy compared to the trophies of Arkham City.
  7. There's no boss that has adaptable immunity to attack styles like Mr Freeze in Arkham City.
  8. Crimes in progress are too repetitive and easy, not even timed like Cold Call Killer.
  9. The big multi-foe battles are too easy, in Arkham City you had to stay focused and use combos a lot.

That isn't to say it's all bad. The level design is a lot better than I'd anticipated, esp considering it's based on the same locales as Arkham CIty, with some added areas before the sectioning off of the city when Arkham prison was put in. The voice acting is great, and I love some of the new features like Shock Gloves. It just doesn't have the pizzazz of Arkham City though, and after completing it, probably not even as good as Arkham Asylum. The first two were just more creative and diverse. However I DID like that they refrained from forcing a lot of quickfire gadget work in boss fights like Arkham City had.

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Just tried reshuffling my powers to make Charge and Nova maxed. Using Nova immediately drains your barriers, so I don't know what you're on about saying it recharges it. For this reason I don't like Nova whether before or after Charge, but IMO it should be used before because Charge brings you point blank in front of the enemy and gives you only brief invulnerability. Furthermore Nova can't be used until your barrier is recharged, since that is what it feeds off. So you're proposing Charging, regenerating, and then using Nova whilst point blank with no invulnerability or barriers left after having used Nova? That's insane.

I've come to the conclusion that Charge is the only signature Vanguard power worth using, unless you carefully use Nova as a finishing move or while behind cover, which makes it dicey at best. I may swap Carnage for Reave or something for the Banshees, or just take different squad mates this time that have shield disabling powers. Those squad mates are always quicker to die though I find. I'm used to the ruggedness of Garrus and James, they're more dependable.

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I got through it right after posting this thread relatively easy with slightly different tactics than I was using before. I assigned Bio Charge and Carnage to my mouse thumb buttons. I focused on first just shutting down the generators and avoiding the Adutants, only dealing with stray Cerberus troops here and there on the fly to avoid taking gunfire from them. I used the Hurricane here to light up the troops quickly with Incendiary ammo combined with a few Bio Charge attacks. If you are careful about how you navigate from one generator terminal to another you can mostly keep your distance and avoid fire though.

Once Aria was free it was nice to have control of her Flare once again. I simply ran to the end of a vacant corridor and holed up by one of the corner control terminals and used the Valkyrie and Carnage combined with Aria's Flare. The Adutants were clustered at the far end of the corridor screaming in pain. The mop up was pretty easy. The main reason I had so much trouble last night is I was up late and very tired. I didn't realize how long this DLC was and I wanted to finish it. I may actually run into worse problems with the Banshees at the final battle of the campaign.

You're the only one I've ever heard advocate using Nova after vs before Charge though. The game also describes it differently than you say. It says it puts all the power into Charge, not just regenerating shields. It doesn't make much sense to give Charge a power boost AFTER you use it. Nova is not intended as a mere recharge boost, and certainly not just for shields. I know with a different setup you can just keep spamming Charge and refreshing your shield, but that would seem to take the tactical fun and challenge out of the game.

That I finished it rather quickly after a brief assessment of strategy proves it can be done without resorting to over powered biotics spamming and invulnerability, esp considering I'm in my mid 50s with slowed reflexes. The game is what you make of it, but it offers more excitement and replay value if you avoid going out of your way to make it a walk in the park.

The only real issue I have with the game is it's horrible cover system and clumsy movement, esp while running. It makes you run on rails, making precise turns difficult, and the cover key being dual bound to sprint just makes it all the clumsier. SO many times I stick to things I don't want to or get jammed up running in place behind something.

For the final battle I'll just make sure to make a manual save at the last available modding station, and hopefully it will be close to a level up moment to reshuffle skills if necessary too.