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I'm an exclusive KB/M player. I find that analog sticks are horribly inadequate for aiming, which is why a lot of games, even shooters like CoD Black Ops III, still have auto target for them.

The only caveat is Japanese developers are very console (cough, SONY) centric, so even if you do get good actual KB/M performance, there are still little quirks, like inadequate control explanation in the controls menu, mapping diagrams that only serve gamepad users, and even gamepad prompts showing onscreen instead of KB/M ones. Worst though is the stuck moving bug.

I actually had to source a guide online for control usage, and found a good one on Ground Zeroes that mostly works, except they changed CQC commands from arrow keys to number keys.

The game works very well on KB/M, but every now and then you can get stuck moving one direction continually until you mash W+S or A+D. How they missed that, the gamepad prompts, and lack of proper KB/M controls explanations in the testing, considering how detailed a game it is, shows they don't care much about KB/M.

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Sometimes they appear in the Sickbay, or get dismissed by Miller (Malack).

If repeating a mission for a specialist, always go to the All Staff tab right after, they'll be at the top of that list and it will say where they're stationed. Immediately tap Q when highlighting them to lock them in. If they're in Sickbay, move them to R&D once healthy.

That should open your developing options with them.

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Note that Kojima designates himself as "Diplomat" in the game. Maybe that's a hint that this so called "vacation" is his plan to set up a peace conference with Konami and get on with plans for MGS6.

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If you lie prone, esp with the slowed breathing duck, he will not always lie low, and enemies that spot him from a distance won't know what they're looking at until they come over to investigate. As long as you're aware of what's going on and have bushes to lie prone in, you're usually OK, but it can potentially cause problems if you're on the move.

That said, I have found D-Dog is much better at healing behind you if you take cover behind something. He may get a bit fidgety at first, but when a lured enemy comes looking for your knock sound, he'll tuck behind you. I never use his bark though, I'd rather have complete control over distractions, so I use magazines and the arm.

Had to laugh at the "just like Ellie" comment, so true. When you least expect it she's all fidgety, then she'll tuck right under your arm like a puppy. LOL

I also agree with what was said about D-Walker, he's a real jack of all trades. His search mode can be used anywhere, and he can find enemies, prisoners and items from quite a ways away. I also find him to be invaluable for getting in and out of places pretty quickly with reasonable stealth. Hate the stun cannon though, it really sucks.

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d-dog doesn't blow your cover, if anything them spotting the dog gets their attention away from you. I only want him to stay when i'm going lethal or clearing mines, otherwise it's fine.

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Oh come on, gameplay mechanic, pfft.

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I'm coming...Quiet...she's so hits way harder...grown attached to her,..."open world"...

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Pretty sure that's an extremely atypical method, esp considering you're best off circling a large cover spot when he goes into his one shot kill railgun phase. And that means being self sustaining weapons wise.

Of course you can wait until he goes out of that phase, and hope to take cover in time when he starts trying to target you again. How long did it take you to use that method BTW?

Also, not talking about RPGs, they're very weak compared to the FB MR ROCKET LAUNCHER. Different weapon.

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Well I beat Sahelanthropus by just using the cars, it was so easy I never even got the chance to think about developing a better RPG.

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Well, like I said, you have to battle Sahelanthropus well before this, so a powerful rocket launcher is like, duh!

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Really the main reason why people have trouble with this mission is because no one bothered to develop some good rocket launchers. I did a bunch of side-ops that involved taking out helicopters, so I already had some high-level rocket launchers I could call in to take those tanks out in a shot or two.

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It's not 29 that's a problem really, they go down fairly easy. This thread should be about the Extreme version, mission 42.

Even there it's not too bad with decent tactics though. It helps to chip away at one until it's down, then go tot he next. Once they're taken down a ways though their health regen seems to slow down severely.

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Got killed a few times before I realized tanks can not only snipe you, but see through sand storms while it blinds YOU.

In the end though I still got S rank with level 2 Battle Dress, and a maxed FB MR R-Launcher. It's all about being careful where you take cover/shoot from, and relocating often.

In the end what calmed me was I realized if I just reload the checkpoint which comes like 2/3 way into the battle, it's easy to figure out a way to beat the final part. You def don't need No Retries points for S anyway.

I ended up taking about 17 hits and did it in about 17 minutes too. Seriously though, who really would not have high powered weapons by then, since you battle Sahelanthropus well before then?