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When I first saw the news yesterday, like many of you, I hoped against hope that it was a joke. After confirming it on several various news sites, I spent the rest of the day waiting to wake up out of this strange and terrible dream. A day later, it still feels as surreal and saddening as it did when I first heard about it.

I've listened to the Bombcast since the very beginning, and to the HotSpot before that. Even though my taste in games differs from Ryan's considerably, I've always respected his opinion and found him to be the best host of any podcast I've ever listened to. I've listened to his voice for thousands of hours of my life, and every time I think that I'll never hear it again except in old podcasts, I start crying a little.

I've had a Giant Bomb account for years now, but I believe this is the first time I've ever been compelled to comment. Ryan Davis, I'll miss you, you magnificent bastard. You left us all too soon.