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I figured I'd start a thread so we can discuss the demo. I am thoroughly excited for this game to come out!

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This is pretty much EA's Season Ticket but extended out to other games EA publishes.

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It's not hard to get 5IV Pokemon in the new games. Most people obtain shiny Pokemon through using a Powersave tool or by obtaining their trainer shiny value (TSV) and share that on Reddit or Smogon.

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@capum15: You can always stick an Eviolite onto your Dragonair. You won't have to hit B each time it levels then.

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Signed up. Do we still have unique item clauses in or can I have more than one leftovers? Also, if people need extra leftovers I have plenty. Just PM me.

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@spaceboat: I'm not sure how Lucario is limited by it's moveset. It can be a lethal physical or special attacker. Because of the unpredictability and the fact that there are very few safe switch-ins to it that is why Smogon banned Mega Lucario to ubers.

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I'm still in favor of picking a Smogon tier and sticking to it for that season. There's quite a lot of variety between OU, UU, RU, and NU.

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It seems as though this season has stalled out.

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Hunter won 2-0. I'm dropping out from the tournament. Not going to deal with all of the other teams with Ubers Pokemon on them. I'll be back next season.