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@Prodstep said:

Best tip I can give is find something else that you feel is rewarding and fun to do, quitting wow and then sitting there staring at the wall is going to be extremely hard, so I dunno try find a new hobby if you feel WoW is not for you anymore.

That sounds like a good idea but, yeah. I can't just pick any hobby it has to be something I like and the last six years of my life have been invested in this game and all of my friends are there. I feel important in my guild. I feel loved by my guild. I know it may be over the internet but it's real to me.
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@TooWalrus said:
I still love the game though- I wonder how many days are loaded onto my characters I made 5 years ago...
Yeah, it's tough. I've been out of the game for a few weeks at a time but I always come back and it's always nice because I've made lots of friends there in my guild. So when I leave it's like I'm leaving a family that cares about me. I've tried playing other games but it just doesn't work. I never really gamed much before WoW and I can't imagine playing a game where the stuff I collect isn't seen by other people or is gone once I'm done playing.
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I've tried this a few times on my realm forum and you can imagine how that went but I'm guessing that there are some people here have quit WoW after being addicted to it. I have tried several times. I've erased characters (only to get the mods to bring them back or started over) and even cancelled credit cards attached to accounts and still I'm playing about 3 dozen hours a week. My /played on my current main is 114 days and that is one that I started a little over a year ago. I've had many mains before that with higher /played.  
Do  any of you have any good ways to quit or stories about quitting? Thanks!

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@Fajita_Jim said:
I've moved out of state many times, and from one country to another twice. Let me tell you something: if you don't have a job out there yet, forget it. Don't even entertain the idea. If you want to know what it's like seriously facing homelessness and going hungry, there are less damaging ways to get that experience.  I don't know your background, but try finding something through a job site such as Once you get a nibble, you can explain to them that you're wanting to relocate to their area but not until you land a job. That will +1 your rep in their eyes, too, because it shows you're responsible and can plan ahead. Depending upon your experience, some companies will even assist you financially with moving.  Seriously, until you land a job, there's no need to plan further.
That seems like a negative attitidue actually. Jams, I know plenty of people that have moved away and not had jobs. People seem to always get things right when they're knee deep in doo doo. I say go for it and it'll give you a chance for an adventure! :)
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He's hands down one of the best LPers out there but it's so annoying. I would say I've seen about 90% of his hundreds of videos and every single one has him sniffling. Does anyone know him in RL know what the reason is?

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@BoG said:
I've got a friend who had a 2/3 success rate on Craig's list. He's not with any of the women he met because he's a cynic, but he met some nice girls. The only one he doesn't consider a "success" was an ultra-hot elementary school teacher 8 years his senior, who was really only looking for action. So, try Craig's list. You may get raped, but being a man (assuming you're a man) means two things: 1. Your chances are very low; and 2. You'll probably enjoy that. So, giv e Craig's list a try!
I definitely look in the personal ads on Craigslist because isometimes if you find the right pictures you can really get your motor running but it seems a bit dangerous. Does your friend regularly go to Craigslist for hookups?
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@SixtyXCelph said:
I used OkCupid back in the day.  I joined to do those personality test things and meet some new friends, then ended up in a two-year relationship.  We've downgraded to roommates/best friends instead of dating, but it's still an invaluable friendship that ended in me moving to a new city and meeting a whole new group of friends.  So, I'd say OkCupid.
Wow, you're roommates with your old girlfriend? Do you still sleep with her?
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@Kidavenger said:

They do reviews of online dating sites.

PoF and Okcupid are generally considered the best free sites.

I'd recommend reading this thread for profile advice, not sure if it's available to non members though.

Wow, I'll check out the podcast now. I'm a little shy of putting my picture (b ecause it seems like that would be a negative thing for me) but it's good to know there are reviews for sites like that. They can be so expensive!
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@Kyreo said:

I tried eHarmony a while back and it has YET to send me any matches.

How long ago? That's kind of upsetting.
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I know that I'm not the greatest catch and that's the reason I'd like to try one out but I'm wondering if anyone here has had any luck.

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