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No probs man, enjoy :)

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Hey duders/dudettes.

Apparently being a backer of Mighty No. 9 gets me a free download code for this thing:

It's for North American 3DS owners only, so my loss is potentially your gain! Have at it:


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@legion_ My partner and I just broke up a couple of months ago. Prior to that, we'd been together for nine years. We'd recently relocated and set up a business together, which added several layers of crazy to an already complicated situation. I love her so much, more than I thought possible. These weeks since the breakup I have often felt directionless. I catch myself stopping in the middle of basic tasks, as if waiting for her approval before continuing. You see she very much took the lead in the relationship and I was always happy to follow. Ours started as a friendship and grew from there, but the things that originally attracted her to me - my creativity, my drive, my opinions and tastes - eroded over the years as I became more and more subservient to her and what she wanted for us. Basically I started to lose myself, and was happy to do so.

Otherwise if you make of maintaining the relationship your central objective, or of a woman the center of your life, you will grow clingy, jealous, and miserable, because you don't value yourself enough, and value your partner too much. You will have very low self esteem and will do things beneath you, putting yourself always in second place. And that is a very unhealthy and unbalanced relationship, and very unstable, and will either end or will continue in an unhealthy and sick manner.

So my advice, is for you to change your goals, make a life for yourself, with goals, and the drive to accomplish them, and when you can balance your life with a girlfriend, engage in a relationship with her, or with someone else.

I wish I had known this years ago. Chalk it up to life experience, but @jeust absolutely fucking nails it right here. I've recently started doing more for myself - setting up my own room, for ME. Spending money on things for myself, and feeling okay about it. Starting to figure out what I want out of life, and acting on it. It's not easy by any means, and I regularly fall into the old habits of procrastination, coasting on the notion that someone will there to pull me along. But that's not going to happen anymore. And as I slowly come to realise and accept this for what it is, I'm starting to feel a lot less paralysed and a lot more encouraged by the possibilities.

It will get better with time, but you have to want it to.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Just wanted to pop back in here and say thanks to everyone who reached out. I feel like I've only recently dipped my toe into the GB community and it's genuinely awesome.

It's been a while since the shit went down. Upon a re-reading, my original post sounds super over-the-top and a bit nuts, but I guess it pretty accurately captured that moment in time where I was fixating on the details, trying to make sense of things.

A couple of months on, things are getting better. A hell of a long way from "normal" but definitely better. Talking to family, talking to friends, spending time (and money) on myself, these are all helping me rediscover what I want out of life. Amongst all this, GB and its community have played a valuable role in keeping my spirits up which I am very thankful for. We have something special here, inside this dumb, DUMB website. Don't forget it!

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During the Takeover main event (after a bunch of crazy spots) the crowd started up with the alternating chants, which at one point morphed into a CM Punk chant. After about 5 seconds, people started booing the chant and it fizzled away immediately. So good.

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@norusdog said:

@wrecks said:

No thanks. Enough loss in real life. Don't need it simulated.

exactly. why in the fuck would anyone want to play this? I've dealt with enough loss and still have plenty I could lose before my time comes. Why in the hell would I want to play a game centered around the hell you go through?

I mean, it's an interesting point. What I'd say is that some people like to explore, understand, and mediate on loss through movies, games, and books. My wife is someone who doesn't like watching "sad" movies. I'm sure there are people who won't want to partake in "sad" games. I'm the opposite, though. It's cathartic to experience stories that align with my own life stories. It helps me understand them.

I too like to seek out catharsis through media and art, and indie-built video games are the most fascinating vehicles to explore with. A couple of months ago my partner and I broke up after more than 9 years together. We're still amicably living in the same house (in separate rooms of course) because we run a business together, which in turn muddles any sense of finality to the relationship since we talk to each other every day.

I couldn't agree with you more about the mundane moments hitting the hardest, and this looks like a game I'll get something out of. Thanks for putting this on my radar Scoops.

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I'd be happy if they just sent Drew with a GoPro strapped to himself filming at all times.

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@fram: That's funny because I don't use the white site partially because it's so bright. Sometimes I'll be on GB at night then open a new tab only to be BLINDED!

Hahaha that very thing happened to me the other night. I have since learned the value of having ambient light.