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I was talking with someone about this the other day, that some older wrestlers seem to glamourise an era of abuse as "the good old days" of pro wrestling. Makes it seem all the more like a weird carney family.

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Incredibly disappointing that it's not Hulk Hogan appearing with Riff Raff instead.

Tag match. There's your main event of the evening. The road to Wrestlemania continues.

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Axel now has a clock on the tron that shows how long he’s been in the Royal Rumble match.

Maybe I'll try to watch Smackdown after all.

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Stardust continues to be amazing.

Damn, you beat me to posting this by a couple of minutes. Outstanding.

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Nice to see Triple H is making progress on getting more TV time for the women.

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Stardust was awesome tonight! I can't really complain about this PPV. It was cool to see Cena get beat by Rusev. Rusev looked great in the match.

Agreed, Stardust was awesome. Their match was great, which makes it more of a shame that the buildup to it has been so lackluster. WWE killed the Dusts' momentum months ago by turning them heel, which makes it hard to suddenly have sympathy for Goldust. Cody absolutely killed it with his post match promo though.

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This was another great showing for NXT but it was also the weakest of all the shows I've seen because of the 2nd and 3rd match. Here's my thoughts on each match:

  • Hideo/Tyler was great and I really hope they don't go right to Tyler/Marcus so we can see another couple of matches between him and Hideo.
  • I was never sold on either Bull or Baron and I continue to be dismissive of them. I don't care about either of their characters and they are just super boring. Bull could do something if he had something different to work with but his ring wear just makes me think that he's a fool who could beat me up. Baron just looks like a generic biker dude who is just a blank slate and while that works for some people, it definitely doesn't work for him.
  • The tag match was terrible and I was super disappointed that Kalisto seems to be falling under the curse of Sin Cara as well. Blake and Murphy are also blank slates and I don't care for either of them. I listened to the first hour or so of Aubrey Sitterson's recap show last night and he said that it would have been nice if one of the teams, probably Blake and Murphy, had worked heel and I agree with him.
  • Balor/Neville was excellent. I will always love Balor's entrance just because it looks so freaking cool and he just oozes charisma with every step he takes towards the ring. Its also great that he can wrestle with anyone and look great doing it. Neville continued to be heis excellent self and the match was really great. I hope he gets to go to the main roster now and just do his thing up there with little to no meddling from Vince(I know this won't happen but I can hope). I actually liked how slow it was in the beginning and when it really took off they never stopped.
  • The women's match was just great. The only thing that I could say I wish was better was Bailey's finisher. Bailey to Belly just looks so awkward and doesn't feel like a move that could finish a match for anyone. Becky Lynch has come so far from when she started that I actually enjoy seeing her wrestle. I feel the best thing for her was turning heel and just being able to be the biggest jerk not named Sasha Banks in the ring. Charlotte seems to be moving up to the main roster and I couldn't be happier for her. When she first came in to NXT, I wasn't sold on her just because of her heritage but the improvement she has shown has been amazing and super exciting to see. I now want to see her get to the main roster and just be the monster heel she was born to be and obliterate anyone in her way. Sasha as champ has been something I've been waiting to see for a while and now we get to finally see it. I am super pumped to see her truly begin to heel off and just continue to be great at it.
  • Zayn/Owens was, for me, a mixed bag. I loved the obliteration of Sami and how it seemed like Kevin was going to win. I thought that Sami would somehow escape with the title. I was confused by the end of the match because I've never seen a match end like that. The commentary team, normally excellent and on the ball, did not do a good job of talking about what happened and why Kevin won the belt. The crowd reaction was truly terrific though and I hope this means that we'll get another match or two out of Sami/Owens before one or both of them get called up to the main roster.

Anyway, this was the weakest of all the Takeover specials I've seen but it was still excellent because of 4 of the 6 matches on the card. I'm super excited to see where things go for the next 6 months or so and how it will play out over that time.

I was introduced to Aubrey Sitterson's Straight Shoot recap show when Alex guested on it a while back. Been watching him ever since. Dude is really likable, and more positive than most about WWE in general which is a nice change from the usual cynicism. Great guests too!

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Also, seems like the thread is starting to break again; it ate my (hilarious and on-point) post earlier. Might be time for v3.0 soon

It's been time for The Wrestling Thread 3: Back to Perfection for a while now.

Hopefully we get to 316 and send it off with a hell yeah.