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How can I play shattered memories at this point? I don't have a wii or a PS2. And I can't find it on psn for psp/vita. I would have thought this was on PS3 by this point. Or on the vita store as a psp to vita compatible game.

After playing this game, and now reading up on the Silent Hill games I missed out on, I'm also very interested to know. I gave my parents my Wii, and I think they still have it...

I'm pretty sure it'd work on a WiiU also, but you'd need a sensor bar and wiimote.

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This interview made me take pause and consider some things - why the true crime genre is so compelling, why the myriad cop shows on TV are so popular, how games should allow you to feel like you can walk away from them. There's so much good stuff in here. To summarise:

- I just purchased Her Story

- I'm looking for a copy of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

- I'm looking for a series collection of Homicide Life on the Street

- Thanks @austin_walker

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@theht said:

@wandrecanada: Lizzy Caplan and Ralph Fiennes.

Yep, and George Clooney as George. The Rock will be playing the role of Alcatraz Island.

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If they'd announced Driveclub PS+ edition straight after Shenmue 3 the sun would have exploded.

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Meltzer is reporting that Kidd is having surgery tomorrow, and will be out 14 months. The surgery is similar to the one that Edge and Stone Cold had.

At his age, that might be a career killer.

FUCK THIS if true. Tyson Kidd was finally on a killer run and he and Cesaro had great momentum. People were chanting his name. Goddammit.

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The notion that Bungie is listening to feedback from fans and making the game better through iteration is great.

The reality that I should fork up a decent amount of cash every few months to watch them stumble through this process is of no interest to me.

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I didn't watch Raw (haven't for a while now) but I saw the final segment with Brock and the Authority. Something felt like it was missing, and I couldn't quite put my finger on what. Thinking back now, were there any shots at all of Paul Heyman reacting to what was going on? I feel like a major event such as a Brock beatdown would have made Heyman go into meltdown, but unless I'm straight up blacking out while watching (entirely possible) he just kinda faded into the background?

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I haven't heard many people talk about it here, but the first of a multi-part "Who is Finn Balor" package on NXT last week was fantastic. More than just acknowledging his history (gasp!) and his real name (ACTUAL GASP) it looks like they might be working it into a reinvention storyline that somehow incorporates the demon side of him. So refreshing to see something like this on WWE TV. Also Becky Lynch got a nice spotlight in that video and continues to be great.

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I stayed back at work for an extra hour to keep watching this. On a Friday. Best GB stream ever, holy shit.