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So I just found out, from Reddit, that Sasha Banks and Tyler Breeze teamed up against Bayley and Sami Zayn at a house show. This news just makes me so happy, I hope we get to see it at some point.

Evidence, also this.

Oh man, that Bayley / Zayn pic is pure joy.

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@goldrock: Oh man, as a first pass this is awesome!

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Matches for Backlash Extreme Rules confirmed so far

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett for the IC title

Rusev vs John Cena for the US title

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton for the WWE title

Damn, the whiplash from 'Mania was FAST this year. To be fair, you can't have earth-shattering things going on all the time, and my default action is to poopoo WWE's booking, so I'm going to highlight some of my positive thoughts instead:

Bryan vs Barrett
Bryan delivers every time, and his in-ring stuff has been great since he won the IC title. He seems to be hitting harder than usual. Barrett has somehow shaken off his terrible run as IC champ and is actually looking formidable right now - largely due to him being in amazing shape and killing it on commentary / bullhammer duties.

Rusev vs Cena
I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I want Cena to retain. His open challenges have led to fantastic, lengthy matches with Ambrose and Stardust and everyone has come out looking better. To be clear, STARDUST FOUGHT CENA AND HIT HIM WITH HIS FINISHER. I want this to keep going for a good long while. Rusev should move up the card a touch and start moving away from the Russia vs USA business. He cuts great throwback promos and is compelling in the ring, so I'd be fine if he lost to Cena but came out and Kane'd someone else's match later in the night to kick off another feud.

Rollins vs Orton
They put on a great match at 'Mania.Orton's win there theoretically makes him a believable threat to take the title, though that's highly unlikely. They should get a decent chunk of time to tell a good story. Rollins is on another level right now. A clean win for him without too much Authority tomfoolery would add some legitimacy to his title reign.

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Jericho's podcast is only as good as his guest is (and even then it can be hard to get through)

Jericho with John Cena on the network is probably going to be terrible. If John Cena is like he was on Jimmy Kimmel it could be a great show, but instead we're probably getting straight-shooting company man John Cena. Both of them combined is just going to be like that hbk gif.

I do hope Jericho does his 15 minutes of bullshit before the actual discussion. Just have Cena sitting there doing nothing for awhile while he talks about his album, sings his song and plays his cowbell, and other nonsense.

Hopefully we get a good Egypt segment too.

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Leave the memories alone ;_;


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Oh man, that last paragraph is a gut punch. Justin Roberts seems like a standup guy.

SD Thoughts -

Really enjoyed the Roman interview. Naomi-Nattie was short and sweet, as was Nattie's neckline. Cena's U.S. Title challenge is so great. Kurt Angle answering this challenge would be a fun little callback to Cena's debut...ain't gonna happen though.THIS IS RUSEV COUNTRY! THIS IS RUSEV WORLD! Everything with Cena and Rusev ruled. Ditto the whole Bryan-Sheamus thing. Barrett stole the show on commentary and the match itself gave Sheamus a time to shine as a badass heel. I love his new entrance presentation. His spotlight and Celtic God of War theme combo work well and he added some new moves to his offense. The blood was a surprise and if this had been the Raw main event, they'd have solidified the IC Title as a main event-level title.

Screens -

The SD spoilers made it seem like a return to WWE's weak IC non-title booking, but there really was a lot more to this match, even though the result was a loss to Bryan. The pre-match promo from Sheamus was old-school and great, the match was hard-hitting, the blood added another dimension, and Barrett was seriously fantastic on commentary. He conveyed his heel personality while consistently putting over what was happening in the ring - something that JBL really struggles with. If Barrett ever wants it, that job is his as far as I'm concerned.

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WM 31 was pretty great.

My biggest highlight was Paige. Her awe and pride walking out, her new gear, her HAIR. When she hugged AJ overcome with emotion at winning at Wrestlemania, whispers something in her ear and AJ just gestures to the turnbuckle like 'get up and soak it in, you earnt it', that's what I watch wrestling for.

I went back and rewatched the her Mania match, and wow that moment was fantastic. Don't know how I missed it the first time. She looked so humbled, and AJ egging her on to climb the turnbuckle was great. She clearly loves the business.

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Rusev looked great tonight, even though he didn't get the win.

Given how young he is, it's incredible how at-home he looks on the big stage. He'll be around for a while methinks.

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Tonight's promo from Bray was transcendent.

That motherfucker cut the promo of his life.

SO GOOD. When the thunder started and he got real fired up I actually got some chills. WWE hasn't gotten that reaction from me in ages, probably since last Wrestlemania. It's extra incredible when you realise that this entire buildup has been Bray alone, with no second party to banter with, no physicality, no manager. He's carried this thing phenomenally.