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Enjoy! I bought a ton of copies of Just Cause when the bug came up for pricing. =P

Just Cause

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Never mind the Heat, what about the Penguins? All those assets traded away at the deadling to bolster the line up, going all in for the Stanley Cup, only for 2 measly goals in the eastern conference finals. XD

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Young Frankenstein for me. I've seen it so many times and still to this day, when I'm watching it, I'm laughing more often than not.

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LOL no. I don't even use them at work. The screen just goes off for power saving mode after some time but even my desktop at home is like 30 minutes so it never hits it.

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If you win something on SteamGifts you'll get a green bar at the top of the listings telling you that you won something.

Another contribution to the group! I saw Singularity on sale on Amazon and forgot about the game. It's definitely a hidden gem on Steam and should be played. I don't know why it didn't get much credit...

Singularity Giveaway

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Yes definitely, my brother has it and he's the cheapest person I know so it must be!

But seriously, I do think it is. I don't have it because I still live at home but if I lived alone I'd get it. Think about it just for the convenience of it. Most things you don't have to go to the store for anymore if it can wait 2 days. You save money on gas every time, but most importantly, you save the time. Who can honestly go to a store for something and take less than 30 minutes to do it unless it's something you can get at a convenience store or pharmacy down the street from your house? A couple people at my work have it and actually buy drinks on Amazon in bulk because it's cheaper than getting it at the store and even though it's heavy, they don't have to pay shipping for it.

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-To The Moon. Most I've ever cried in my life at anything. Openly sobbing.

-Portal 2. I'm not even sure what emotion I was feeling, but that song that the turrets and GLaDOS sing is incredible.

-Mass Effect 3. Teary-eyed, but not really crying. That is, until the confusion started seeping in.

-Bioshock Infinite. I'll be honest, I didn't actually cry, but when you finally see how Elizabeth loses her finger... Chills man...

I cried at that part of Bioshock Infinite myself, also the very end before the credits roll.

Only other game that made me cry was the ending of The Walking Dead. I've been meaning to play To The Moon but still haven't yet, soon enough I will.

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No -- Sticking to PC gaming, this will actually be the first generation since NES that I don't own a console. Can't believe it took me this long to fully commit to PC.

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Some awesome stuff as usual Moth!! =D

I bought the Sonic pack on Amazon for Sonic 4 and the racing game, turns out I already have that racing game and need the other one so I only used the keys for the two Sonic 4 episodes. The rest I'm giving away here. I don't want to go through each link individually so just look through my profile.