Kane and lynch 2. My thoughts so far.

Yesterday I sat down and played Kane and Lynch 2 for a couple of hours and so far I have enjoyed it. I am playing through it on hard just so I have a little more challenge and so the campaign will hopefully last a little longer. I like the feel of the guns and playing as lynch is quite strange. He is pretty much losing his mind through the whole game, delving deeper into depression and madness. 
Comments on the AI. Well sometimes it can be really nice and thought out, and what i mean is sometimes enemies will rush you or flank you (Remember, I am playing on hard so they might be a bit smarter), and sometimes they just stare at you waiting to be shot. Not to say they are really stupid or something.
About the graphics, I think they look alright. It certainly is not amazing nor ugly, but to some it may seem outdated. I also like the camera effects. Having an explosion happen and the camera just glitches out trying to get its image back. I also don't find a problem with the sprint camera effect. 
Overall I am enjoying my time with Kane and lynch 2. I did rent it however, because I don't really think it is worth 60 dollars. So to those that have played it, what are you're thoughts?
Update: After beating Kane and Lynch 2 I have to say it got pretty repetitive. It was a good game and all but i don't think i will play it for awhile.


Kane and lynch 2


Well, looks like Kane and Lynch getting mixed reviews. Giantbomb gave it a 3/5 which is not a bad score at all. What scares me though is I am getting the 360 version (Through gamefly thankfully) and Jeff gave the 360 version a 2/5, Probably because the issue of playing for a couple hours and the game starts to run weird. What I mean by that Is when you shoot someone the game will freeze for a couple of seconds then continue running, and by watching the video review i think it its every kill but only when playing for hours at a time, so maybe it won't be a problem. Other reviewers are giving it low score such as eurogamer giving it a 4/10. 
I can't judge it now because I have not played it yet, but i think I will like it. I don't think its worth 60 bucks though. A rent for sure though to those uncertain.
This may seem like a random blog post but its my real first blog and i wanted to talk.


Quests on Giantbomb sure are addicting. I can not stop doing them!
P.S. I am doing this for a quest.