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I'm in the credits of a few games from when I did QA at Atari and Irrational Games...
That count? : D

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Yea you know me.

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: )

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I'm sad they caved...
Were these hackers going to attack every theatre in North America at once?
If that were possible I'm sure some loonies woulda tried it by now.

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Last I read their "big patch" was coming this week.
Not gonna launch that game again till I see that happen.
I didn't encounter many problems in the small time I played but I've heard about plenty of issues.
Since I'm distracted by other titles right now I figured I'd hold off until then.

Ah yes... this.

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Xbox One

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@corwag said:

I know it's his job any everything, but I wouldn't suggest someone with such anxiety and depression be a public online figure.

I would absolutely suggest it...
What do we need more of? More politicians? More pro althelets? lol
I've heard Alex hint of things from time to time but I wasn't aware of this.
Bravo Alex