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I pre-order every game I buy pretty much 99% of the time.
Besides retailers offering different pre-order bonuses I don't have a problem with it.
I like knowing that I can put as little as $5 down to claim a copy on release day.
If a delivery truck catches fire and only one box of games releasing survives, just enough to fill pre-orders, I will still get my game, hahahah.
If I'm getting a retail copy it's probably going to be at Gamestop because that's the closest store to my house.
If Best Buy were closer I would pre-order there.

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Get a wired G-Series Logitech mouse.
Razers keyboards never did anything for me esp the prices, rockin a Cooler Master Quickfire TK
Listen to no one else, if you can afford that, that's a bitchin build.

Edit: You really don't need that cooler unless you are gonna overclock.
Could always get this instead: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

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I personally would say:
Get Windows 8.1 (Rumor Windows 10 will be a free upgrade but I don't yet believe it).
Go Western Digital instead of Seagate for HDD.
Always get the best CPU and GPU you can possibly afford even if it means going over budget (people would argue this).

My last upgrade was my 1600Mhz to 2400Mhz memory because Battlefield loves fast memory, I'm sure more games will sooner than later.
Best of luck and enjoy whatever you end up with!

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Not since high school/early early 20's.

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Dragon Age doesn't have the sort of combat where you press different buttons/keys to actively swing your sword or block an attack like the Elder Scrolls games.
It's more along the lines of a diet MMO type of command (of powers/attacks) list that your character will perform once told to.
You can let your party take care of themselves (with behavior options I believe) and focus only on your character if you choose to.
You can also pause the action and control each character by giving them command to act out in a more tactical way.
How much you micromanage is up to you I'd say.
I for the life of me can't remember combat in any KOTOR game.

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In 2009 I lost my IT job of 4 years.
During that time period there were no jobs to apply for.
By the time my 2 year unemployment ran out it there were still very few jobs out there.
Having to prove you apply for at least 3 jobs a week while on unemployment was difficult due to the fact you might find 5 opps if you're lucky.
I'd apply to 3 of those 5 potential jobs saving two for the next week because it was unlikely more would show up.
About 8 months after unemployment ran out I accepted a much lesser job rather than toturing myself any longer.
I'm still stuck in the lesser job for more reasons than I care to share but it sucks.
Before I lost my IT job (for all the wrong reasons) I worked in QA at Atari and then Irrational Games.
Never thought I'd end up where I am now.
Good luck, hope you find something soon.

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@bonorbitz: Probably not unless you have a multi-monitor gaming setup or a 4k monitor.

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Campaign is single player only.
Looks like multiplayer has 2 player split screen for local play and system link.
I can't see the local play options since I only have one controller but system link looks like it has an option for bots.
The co-op exo survival mode also does 2 player split screen.
Hope that helps!

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I haven't played Titanfall in a bit but I've heard it's mostly die-hard fans left playing.
Actually enjoyed CoD: Advanced Warfare a good deal, it's quite the looker as well.
Assassin's Creed: Unity and the Halo collection coming out next week with Farcry 4 and Dragon Age the following week.
Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is a surprisingly good 3rd person shooter.
Thumbs up on Forza Horizon 2!
Of course there are all the sports games out there if you're into that.
Might as well check out the two free "Games with Gold" offerings for the month.
Go to the games store area and browse the new releases section, something might jump out at ya.

Edit: Metro Last Light for only $25, haven't played yet but I loved the previous title Metro 2033.