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Sounds like greatness still awaits...
; )

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I like having the Kinect for the voice commands alone.
So much so that I almost say Xbox On when I want to turn other TVs on.
Could always just get the Overdrive bundle and get a Kinect later if you're not sure about it.
I do hope devs make more use out of it even if it is something as simple as voice commands/detection or motion. (like the Alien hearnig you or getting carded in Fifa for swearing)

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Took a well deserved break from it after Black Ops 1.
Will be picking up Advanced Warfare though.
Think they are making it different enough to at least try for a bit and of course Kevin Spacey.

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Still playing Destiny...
Enough that my copy of Forza Horizon 2 isn't being used.
Go figure.

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Nope, I got a WiiU as soon as I could because it's a video game system.
A video game system made by Nintendo
Because I've had just about every Nintendo system since the NES and I probably always will.
Because I must.
*head hangs low*
: )

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Well human beings are handling it so what could go wrong?
Those stories out of Dallas are pretty concerning though.

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I think that mechanic is pretty good at mimicking a golf swing. (I mean as much as you can on a game controler)
Ya can't move the stick in a straight up and down motion, you're either gonna slice or hook.
Kinda like a golf swing.
Practice makes perfect!

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No, not normal...
Exchange it for another if you can or call MS.
My One is pretty silent.

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Only to let me know if a game I'm interested in is totally broken or not.
I pretty much have my mind made up on a game before reviews are out.
If a game I'm gonna buy gets an unexpected low score I'll look into the review as to why.

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Doesn't seem that off for me.
I've gotten quite a few purples, so have the folks I play with.
They seem random and rare enough to me I guess.
If you need to level your light more just buy whatever legendary fits your character from the vangaurds/factions and upgrade them.