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I'm sad they caved...
Were these hackers going to attack every theatre in North America at once?
If that were possible I'm sure some loonies woulda tried it by now.

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Last I read their "big patch" was coming this week.
Not gonna launch that game again till I see that happen.
I didn't encounter many problems in the small time I played but I've heard about plenty of issues.
Since I'm distracted by other titles right now I figured I'd hold off until then.

Ah yes... this.

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Xbox One

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@corwag said:

I know it's his job any everything, but I wouldn't suggest someone with such anxiety and depression be a public online figure.

I would absolutely suggest it...
What do we need more of? More politicians? More pro althelets? lol
I've heard Alex hint of things from time to time but I wasn't aware of this.
Bravo Alex

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That's gotta be a mistake...
Launching the game the same way?
Shut off your console and unplug it for a few and try?

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@pcorb said:

In short:

  • Budget
  • Gaming
  • Laptop

Choose two!

Thank you for that...
Had a shitty day and that was the first time I laughed.

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I pre-order every game I buy pretty much 99% of the time.
Besides retailers offering different pre-order bonuses I don't have a problem with it.
I like knowing that I can put as little as $5 down to claim a copy on release day.
If a delivery truck catches fire and only one box of games releasing survives, just enough to fill pre-orders, I will still get my game, hahahah.
If I'm getting a retail copy it's probably going to be at Gamestop because that's the closest store to my house.
If Best Buy were closer I would pre-order there.

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Get a wired G-Series Logitech mouse.
Razers keyboards never did anything for me esp the prices, rockin a Cooler Master Quickfire TK
Listen to no one else, if you can afford that, that's a bitchin build.

Edit: You really don't need that cooler unless you are gonna overclock.
Could always get this instead: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

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I personally would say:
Get Windows 8.1 (Rumor Windows 10 will be a free upgrade but I don't yet believe it).
Go Western Digital instead of Seagate for HDD.
Always get the best CPU and GPU you can possibly afford even if it means going over budget (people would argue this).

My last upgrade was my 1600Mhz to 2400Mhz memory because Battlefield loves fast memory, I'm sure more games will sooner than later.
Best of luck and enjoy whatever you end up with!