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@bonorbitz: Probably not unless you have a multi-monitor gaming setup or a 4k monitor.

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Campaign is single player only.
Looks like multiplayer has 2 player split screen for local play and system link.
I can't see the local play options since I only have one controller but system link looks like it has an option for bots.
The co-op exo survival mode also does 2 player split screen.
Hope that helps!

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I haven't played Titanfall in a bit but I've heard it's mostly die-hard fans left playing.
Actually enjoyed CoD: Advanced Warfare a good deal, it's quite the looker as well.
Assassin's Creed: Unity and the Halo collection coming out next week with Farcry 4 and Dragon Age the following week.
Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is a surprisingly good 3rd person shooter.
Thumbs up on Forza Horizon 2!
Of course there are all the sports games out there if you're into that.
Might as well check out the two free "Games with Gold" offerings for the month.
Go to the games store area and browse the new releases section, something might jump out at ya.

Edit: Metro Last Light for only $25, haven't played yet but I loved the previous title Metro 2033.

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Sounds like greatness still awaits...
; )

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I like having the Kinect for the voice commands alone.
So much so that I almost say Xbox On when I want to turn other TVs on.
Could always just get the Overdrive bundle and get a Kinect later if you're not sure about it.
I do hope devs make more use out of it even if it is something as simple as voice commands/detection or motion. (like the Alien hearnig you or getting carded in Fifa for swearing)

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Took a well deserved break from it after Black Ops 1.
Will be picking up Advanced Warfare though.
Think they are making it different enough to at least try for a bit and of course Kevin Spacey.

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Still playing Destiny...
Enough that my copy of Forza Horizon 2 isn't being used.
Go figure.

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Nope, I got a WiiU as soon as I could because it's a video game system.
A video game system made by Nintendo
Because I've had just about every Nintendo system since the NES and I probably always will.
Because I must.
*head hangs low*
: )

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Well human beings are handling it so what could go wrong?
Those stories out of Dallas are pretty concerning though.

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I think that mechanic is pretty good at mimicking a golf swing. (I mean as much as you can on a game controler)
Ya can't move the stick in a straight up and down motion, you're either gonna slice or hook.
Kinda like a golf swing.
Practice makes perfect!