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I have a group of cousins/friends I play with on console and another seperate group of folks on PC I play with normally.
One friend on my WiiU, hah
Other than that I don't really know a lot of people that play games.
Sure it's good to have folks you know to play with but it's never a deal breaker if not.
Enjoy stuff on my own just as well.

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i cant join in the game for some reason. I downloaded it and hit play and it take me to the sign up beta site

Same here... boo

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@extomar said:

@hailinel said:

"Win E3."

Yep, this is how I feel too.

Beat me to it.

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I can almost remember a time when E3 had actual surprises.

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For me it was the environments or lack there of.
I liked how they changed the combat to be quicker, felt like a better fit in my opinion.
Tactics felt the same to me, they were just executed at a faster pace which felt right to me.
That's why they keep showing photos of all these new locations the past few weeks, that was their big failure.

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Yes please.

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It's an open world type game that I get to play on my new console.
GTA with a new coat of paint and I'm a hacker instead of gangster/mobster.
That is about as much as I expect out of it.

The hype meter was way up as it is considering the reactions when they first showed Watch Dogs forever ago.
When they showed it again and the graphics-hoopla started.
And when they delayed it for 6 months.
Game never stood a chance! ; )

I'll hopefully have some fun with it, trade it in if it's forgetable.

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If you are using Windows, Microsoft Security Essentials should be all you need for anti-virus.

edit: Malwarebytes is good for occasional manual scans to, though

I'm with this guy.

@bollard said:

@golguin: I use Microsoft Security Essentials and have never had a virus. It's free and unintrusive, and it's minimal scan is so fast it takes less than a minute. Windows 8 comes with it built in as Windows Defender too.

And that guy!

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Pre-ordered it for Xbox One from MS Store which gives you a $15 live gift card. (If ordered by the 22nd)
PC needs a GPU upgrade so I'll be getting most games on console till new video cards start showing up.