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I was hoping they were gonna let us keep our gear and glimmer but oh well, not surprised at all.
Typically the rate that you level is increased during beta so I wouldn't worry about max leveling in a day....

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omg Crystal Method...
Think I just had a flashback.

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I just had a vision hit me.
What if CBSi is combining Giant Bomb and Gamespot into the same thing and call it Giant Game or Bombspot or something!
Just throwing that out there.
Could/Would that even happen?
Completely joking about the horrible names though... sort of.

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@andrewb: I am from the North East! : )
Sure as hell never heard anyone say that word up here.
I've just heard it said on TV and usually (every time) it's coming from someone with a southern accent.

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I had a jeep for a while and loved whenever I had a chance to take it off-road.
Pretty sure "mudding" is a southern term though.
Had no idea it was an actual race until this thread.

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Why would one ever do this?
Only time I wore boxer briefs in a pool was because I was fully clothed when we jumped that fence to swim in said pool that we didn't belong in.
Was visiting a friend at American University in DC.
Found out later it was Russian embassy housing...

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Well played Sony.
Giving people options is always a horrible idea.
You tell them what they want!