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Hey guys, how's it all going?

I've been really, really shit about keeping up to date on here recently, even though I still visit many times a day, read blogs, and all that.

So I went and splashed out £40 for Resi 5 a few days after its release (because it was my birthday, and sod it). As someone who wasn't HUGE on Resi 4, i was a bit concerned as to how much I would enjoy 5, but the demo had impressed me so i went with it.
Jesus Christ it is an amazing game. Whilst it doesn't have the same impact as 4 did, for obvious reasons, I think it's a much better game, despite the complete removal of any traces of "survival horror". The shooting is the most satisfying since Dead Space, the game is the perfect length, the co-op works amazingly well at most times (although tbh i played it mostly with a friend), and the replayability is incredible.

But yeh, i'll stop boring everyone by saying the same things about Resi 5 they all said a month ago.

In other news i bought Mirrors Edge and Prince of Persia for £10 each the other week. Annoyingly i seem to hold the same opinions as everyone else when it comes to these games aswell;

Mirrors Edge = a fun platforming mechanic which stays fun for the length of the game, but the action/shooting bits are dire and the story is pretty awful really.

Prince of Persia = Beatiful game, love the artstyle and platforming gameplay. The combat's fluid and enjoyable but gets frustrating at times due restrictions, and the        lack of any kind of death makes the game a little dull at times.

I'm gonna go and buy Fallout 3 and The Orange Box once my exams are done, so I'll try to post reviews or at least detailed blogs about those.

In a bit!


Shamless Self Promotion x2!



So this is me!

I play a lot of music and all that shiz, so I've decided to start editing things and putting it on youtube.

And yeh, I'd really appreciate it if you guys took a look!


(And cheers Claude for pointing out that i can just embed stuff!)

Awesome news :D

So recently I've been going through the application to take my third year of uni at the University of Toronto. And I just found out I've been accepted onto the program! :D

Of course Toronto can still reject me but I'm into the final stages :D

So yeh, If there are any Canadian GiantBombers who read this, I'MA COMING!

(In other news, I fully intend on now going out and getting Stranglehold and Condemned 2 as part of the 2 for £20 (preowned) deal to celebrate in a blood-covered way :D)


Best Deal Ever?

So i was just in Zavvi, and it's closing down and all that so they've got the 25% off all marked prices.

Now this means they've just put the prices of everything up, (Unreal Tournament 3 is £50 for example) as they don't really understand the meaning of "clearout sale"

But i came across this bargain bucket thing, which contained;

Resistance 2



Becuase it had no cover sleeve...............



Quick Update

So i've been ignoring my Giant Bomb Blogging recently, not that i really have a regular fanbase or anything!

Bought Valkyria Chronicles last week, didn't seem like my kinda game but after all the stellar reviews and out of a want to support some under-appreciated ps3 exclusives i bought it. And it's amazing. Great style, story, gameplay, everything.
I'm suprised at just how fun it all is, being turnbased and all that (which is something i normally hate), But so far i couldn't reccommend this game highly enough.

Also started Bioshock again. Showed a friend the beginning last night and after he left i kept playing for hours, I'm about halfway through the garden-esque level.


My Best Gaming Moments of 2008

As everyone's doing a GOTY related list i thought I would do a similar one, only do it as my gaming moments rather than games themselves. This also means a few are from old games, but the moments occurred last year. So let's begin!

Getting the PS3      
This one kinda goes without saying. I bought it for my birthday back in March after painfully waiting till i had the funds/the time was right to buy. Got it with Uncharted and Resistance. And to be honest, i was really really impressed with both games. I was expecting them to be pretty average being bundled with the console and all, but i'll never forget powering through Resistance's co-op campaign for the first time.

So here's the standard GTA4 appearence in all these lists. Only i REALLY REALLY get involved with GTA. Since GTA3 became inextricably linked with my early teenage years i've been obsessed. I'm one of those annoying dicks who reads daily about how there's gonna be a new mechanic (that ultimately never shows up) or watches the trailers over and over to try and notice the most minute of details. But basically the acquiring of GTA4 was such a good moment. Me and a friend spent all day playing GTA3 in preperatin, then drove (in a crammed car) down to the midnight launch at Blockbuster. We then turned the lights off, locked the door, and played GTA4 till sunrise and it was just the greatest thing ever.

The MGS4 Microwave tunnel
Nuff' said really. I've never experienced a more epic piece of gaming. (Aside from maybe the final fight!)

Welcome to Rapture
I was pretty late onto the whole Bioshock thing. I don't have a 360 so my experience of it was purely online videos and friend's talking. I'd been meaning to buy it for ages and finally got it pretty cheap (taking advantage of the recession!). On the whole i think it falls flat a little, something doesn't sit quite right with me, but i can't put my finger on it. Anyway the first 20 minutes of that game is just stunning. I don't think i've played a game that established such a full tone at the start.

242 Stars
I'm not normally one for going for 100% in games, i always complete them (or try my best) but can never be bothered to find every last thing. Something made me really want to get all the stars on Mario Galaxy, and that's pretty much what i spent my first 2 weeks at uni doing in January. Was such a good feeling to get them all.

Solving Broken Sword
I'm still playing this, but RIGHT at the end of 08, i got Broken Sword 1 and 2 for not much money. I really started to miss point and click adventure games, and was just the wrong age to really get in them. I'll admit i've visited the odd walkthrough at times. But solving a puzzle on your own on these games gives you a feeling unlike any other in gaming. Can also be really fuckin annoying.

Little Big Planet Beta
Don't really have to elaborate much on this one. Just getting into the beta and plunging an entire week into making a shoddy My Neighbour Totoro level was amazing.

Strategic Dismemberment
I don't know how this couldn't be on this list. After watching all the videos of Dead Space online, finally being able to play it myself was an amazing feeling. And strategic dismemberment is a past time that is nowhere near boring yet.

Metal Gear Week
After playing MGS4 i did the standrad thing of playing through the old games. So basically sat down for a week and played through them all again. Was quite a slog but it was a pretty damn special experience.

There are probably more, but i can't think of them right now. Later tonight or tomorrow i'll put up my most dissapointing gaming moments of 2008.

What were your best moments?


List of cheap game offers from UK sites.

*these prices may have changed by now*

I've found myself scanning the depths of the internet (albeit the extremely shallow, obvious depths) for games after recieving a little money for Christmas. Thought i might as well compile a list of them here for everyone's benefit!
Sorry for the ps3 weighting of the list (they're basically all ps3), but it's the console i own and therefore the one i searched for; i presume the 360 prices will be the same, they'll be easy to find from the links too.

(Also please bare in mind these may not be the cheapest, but just suprised me)

LittleBigPlanet: £16

Fallout 3:  £24


Dead Space: £25

Far Cry 2: £17



Mirrors Edge: £15

Prince of Persia: £18

Devil May Cry 4: £15

MK vs DC Universe: £20

Virtua Fighter 5: £8;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=608849

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway: £16;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=561386

Lego Indy: £15

Bioshock: £18

Force Unleashed: £18

I'll keep adding to it and please tell me your finds.


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Just thought I'd post a TINY blog becuase it's kinda game related.

Basically i can now join the long list of people who have a sackboy which their girlfriend made them :)

Hope everyone had/is having a good day!


Metal Gear 360?

Just been doing the rounds on the old gaming sites, and ign had a link to this;

What do you guys reckon? It certainly looks a lot like the 360 power button, which might imply some kind of confirmation of a MGS4 port.

Only thing is the way it says "next" seems to say it's a new game? And the way it's a Metal Gear and not a Metal Gear Solid? Or am I just reading into things.

I can't say i don't want it to go over to the 360 becuase i don't like to think of myself as a fanboy etc, but it would be a shame for Playstation to lose yet another of its franchises, after  Final Fantasy/Tekken/GTA etc.



Mirror's Edge DLC trailer


I don't have Mirror's Edge, i played the demo of it and enjoyed it a fair amount,
but really didn't think it would be worth buying.

This trailer hasn't convinced me either, but i think it's looking reaaaaally quite cool.
It has that Kula World vibe to it, and seems to me like it could be a much better use f the game engine than free
running the bland streets

Any thoughts?

(and sorry about how weird this blog looks, having some trouble)