National Express are going to kill me.

So tonight i was taking a train back to Uni from home, with my young persons railcared ticket. ONLY PROBLEM WAS, i forgot said railcard.

So the ticket inspector said i would have to pay full fare, and as it was so last minute, that would have been around £60 at best. The inspector left with my tickets and didn't return for a long long time, and in this space of time, i decided to bail off the train and get a £10 cheap ticket to my destination.

Now i'm just praying they don't have enough details to contact me with a fine/charge of some kind :S!

And in gaming news. My £19 Little Big Planet should arrive soon so i'll be writing about that in the near future, might try and do a review as i've never done one before.

Played a bit of Mario Galaxy for the first time in a long while yesterday, i forgot how good that game is, and an example that proves it, is that the fire and ice levels are actually hideously fun, and any game that can manage that deserves some kind of recognition.

Anyone got Resistance 2? I loved the first game, but mainly for the offline co-op and occasionally dabbling in the online multiplayer. So i could do with some advice whether to get 2 or not.

Cheers ma'dears!



Maybe i'll put an actual gaming blog up soon.


Soul Calibur 4 Trade in Value? Anyone?

So i'm thinking of trading in Soul Calibur 4 when i buy Dead Space, just cos £40 is a little too much to be spending at the moment (student-ness, and replacing my lost Creative Zen).

Does anyone know where the best place in the UK is to trade it in, and how much i'd get for it? I get the feeling it's a popular game to be traded in so i'm thinking £15 would be a good price maybe.

Gamestation, Game, and Blockbuster seem to be the main options, but i'd feel a bit sick giving them MORE money, but eBay's pretty dead for soul calibur 4 and i'm hoping they'd give me more in store credit to buy dead space with.


Old School plus Buying issues

So recently i bid on an N64 on eBay, well about 5, and i lost all of them. It was that annoying thing where i was out for when the bidding ended so someone always beat me by about 50p. So instead of buying it i just downloaded Project 64, the emulator. I never had an N64 so i'm using it to catch up on all the games i never properly played as a kid, and those that i did.

I've played through Goldeneye and I'm halfway through Perfect Dark, Ocarina of time, Donkey Kong and Super Mario 64 (also pokemon snap for the lols). I've gotta say Ocarina's not doing as much for me as i was hoping. I can't seem to get into zelda games and i do'nt know why. I find them repetitive and a little dull, also the controls don't seem to be amazing (i know i'm playing it on a keyboard etc but it's more of an issue of what the controls do in the game rather than how they're mapped). It can't seem to decide if it wants to go the action route or take more of a fantasy rpg-y route.

And i've decided to buy Dead Space on release day rather than Little Big Planet. Whilst this may sound CRAZY i have valid reasoning. Uni work's gonna get hella important at the time these games are released, so i think Dead Space is gonna take up less time than LBP and therefore detract from my work. I'll get LBP at the start of the Christmas holdiay so i don't have any distractions or anything.


Little Big Planet Beta First Impressions

So after the rush of realising that i'd actually managed to get and download the Beta of the game, i thought i'd get stuck into it. There are 4 levels of the story mode to play through, well, 3 and a level that's nothing more than jumping over a skipping rope basically. They were all really fun! Nothing too taxing as it's so early on, and i'd seen most of the levels before, but it was still so enjoyable to finally play.

Next, the creator thingy:

So i think i've sat through about 2 hours of tutorials tonight and there's still tonnes more. There's so much to do it's unreal, the only problem with it seems to be my imagination not being up to scratch. I managed to make some Pacman like ghosts that chased me and jumped, after tweaking their brains. I was fairly pleased with that! Also managed to make a see-saw after seeing it on the trailer for it from a while back.
It seems like if you're gonna get anything worthwhile from the creation side of things, you need to put in a massive, massive amount of time into learning all the tricks. I mean, i've been spending all evening trying to figure out how to put wheels on something so that they actually rotate rather than stay glued on. (So any tips would really help!)

There are problems however, and i'm pretty sure it's just cos this is the beta (or demo) version of the game. There have been 3 or 4 instances tonight where the game's frozen during a loading screen, or it just refuses to load a level. That's kinda annoying, especcialy when you've spent ages creating a wooden pacman. Also, the "undo" option on the creation section takes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES, even if it's the tiniest of things that you're undo-ing. For example, i made a big smiley face tonight, and put a little sticker of a hat on its forhead, in hindsight i didn't think it looked that good so i clicked undo, it took about 20-30 seconds just to undo this, so imagine what it's like for massive things.

But all in all, i'm not dissapointed at all with this game. It's just annoying that we gotta wait another couple of weeks to get it!


Life just got a Little Beta.

Well i thik that was quite a clever title.

I JUST GOT A LITTLE BIG PLANET BETA KEY! So i'm incredibly excited, limited numbers for EU people now on IGN, i didn't even have to verify my email address so i'm hoping i won't get a bunch of spam from registering.

But yes it's downloading now, so i'll post some impressions in a while :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Dead Space?

    I'm really interested in what everyone's thinking about this game. I really can't decide if it looks like it'll be worth shelling out £40 on.

On the one hand it looks like a really intense survival horror-y game, but then it's starting to give me the impression that it's a little repetetive and dull. All the enemies seem to fall into one homogenous blob of "fleshy gooey stringy things with many limbs", and although i've only seen the promotional videos on the net, the environments don't seem to be very varied.

The gore looks pretty awesome too.

THe other thing is, Little Big Planet comes out on the same day here, and i'm gonna go for that first, as i'm way more excited about it, so hopefully the price of Dead Space will have gone down by the time i'm done with LBP



So i FINALLY have the internet set up again. This means lots more online gaming, so maybe Soul Calibur might ahve a little life left in it.

And also, more pointless blogs!