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Well then, there are a lot of podcasts in this thread.

Here are some more (aside from the Bombcast)

Was a big fan of Podtoid in the Holmes/Sterling/Zimmerman days and the Dismal Jesters until it's recent cancellation - just for when I wanted to feel like the worst kind of person.

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I think my favourite thing about the whole DLC was the insane amount of dialogue they recorded for the joke book/skull ("Skeleseer can suck my dick" made me laugh far more than I was expecting). I just wanted to stay pressing triangle forever, and they almost let you do it!

I also disagree with those saying the combat sections and, really, the whole "future" Ellie section were just excuses to get action in the game. I thought there were pretty obvious parallels between the two situations both physically (both take place in a mall for a start) and in terms of character development - the transitions really showed how the world and Ellie has developed/changed over the course of the game.

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Hit 1,100 deaths this morning. Got 8 completions, and been to Hell 4 times. Got to Yama twice and each time died when his head detaches from his body.

I really think I should have finished it more often than 8 times, but I always get caught up will Hell path stuff/run everywhere.

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So I'm definitely picking this up as it looks great.

But I only really felt the need to post in this thread to remind everyone that Spelunky is also one hell of a good time on the Vita.

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Stabbed some dudes in Assassin's Creed earlier today, thought of you duder!

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No game has brought me more joy this year than spelunking on the Vita.

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I found the "red door" ending to be utterly heartbreaking.

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The "oh shit" moment when David recounts the story of his community getting attacked by a crazy guy with a girl has to be one of the best story-based moments in recent video games.

Just perfect.

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I have to say I was a bit disappointed to not see the Vita Little King's Story after it had appeared in that rumoured pictured. Loved the Wii game, was looking forward to playing the Vita "sequel".

Though I can hardly complain with that line up.

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I can certainly say that The Last of Us is going to get some time off.

XCOM on the other hand. I'll probably get a session on later today to toast one of its greatest advocates.