Super smash bros. Brawl info

Hi and thanks if you can ACTUALLY be bothered reading this, I have Super smash brothers brawl and I wanted to talk about it, I main Lucas, Ness and the Ice Climbers! I like all the neutral stages, I also have a special thing that I can shoy you but YOU only if I trust you enough, you should ask for my friend code since im not mentioning it since half of the people I added either
1: Sucked
2: Crapped there pants when they won
3: Spammed
4: Complained
if your not one of them I will add you and for number one I mean REALLY SUCK as in getting 3 stocked, if you can avoid being 3 stocked by most peope you play then add me since i'll most likely not be able to 3 stock you ;) ok ask of you want to add me!