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@corruptedevil: How's it any different than when Apple announced the New iPad?

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@erhard said:

Original and interesting articles by talented writers with good taste who don't write news stories, don't do developer interviews, write human interest drivel, write about their politics, write about themselves, or call themselves "journalists."

Umm... so what does that even leave?

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People are still angry about Twilight in 2014? Why?

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I feel like Super Mario Sunshine shouldn't really count as a mainline Mario game, but it's still pretty fun. I think it's very clearly not as good as 64, but it's interesting in that it's kind of different.

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Is there a currently active Giant Bomb IRC channel anywhere right now?

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No Man's Sky

Sunset Overdrive

Batman: Arkham Knight

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Hey, Ninja from Ohio, it's David from Manitoba! I have a secret for you: I lied! I wasn't actually using tilt controls MUHAHAHA!

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Always be drift boosting

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Runescape mixed with a bad quake mod should not get this kind of praise.

lol, k

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Gamespot's coverage has been the best in recent years due to sheer amount of content. They typically have three separate livestreams going, two of which are stage shows, the third is some guy wandering the show floor.