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I had assumed they would, but then I saw that someone on Tumblr asked Brad if there would be a Bombcast this Tuesday, and he said that it would be one they prerecorded. This confused me because in years past, the Tuesday Bombcast during e3 has just been an audio archive of the Monday night "Day 0" livestream. Is that not happening this year?

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I picked Big for the lulz, but the more I thought about it, I realized that even when taken unironically, Big is still the best answer because he's the only one who doesn't look like he was drawn by a teenager.

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Because I wanted to be the one to start this thread.

Anyway, what are you planning on doing while watitng for Friday?

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I prefer Debian and Ubuntu based flavours of Linux, just because I'm used to using APT to install my packages. I don't know what YUM is, but it sounds like some nonsense... wait... what were we talking about?

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Lask week's earlycast has given me unrealistic expectations.

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Batman Batman Batman

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Back when I was bussing a lot, I would see people with DS's and 3DS's. Occasionally I would also see Vitas. Or perhaps they were PSPs? I can't actually tell the difference unless I'm looking close enough to see the right stick.

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As other people have pointed out, they've been doing some Endurance Run like content. That being said, I would really like to see Jeff and Vinny take on a game again, since I really think those two have the strongest comedic dynamic out of the possible staff pairings, but I realize that dream is long dead.

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Since Wario and Waluigi are the dark counterparts to Mario and Luigi, is it safe to assume that they are also Italian? Or are they some sort of opposite of Italian?