Wii U First Impressions

Finally received my ZombiU Premium Pack + New Super Mario Bros. U yesterday! Didn't plan on getting one right away, but than a friend offered me one, since he was about to get 3 delivered. Somehow I couldn't say no, because I really wanted to get my hands on ZombiU.

Anyway, it took DHL 4 days to even FIND the place where this friend lives and then it took 2 more days until we had time to meet.

Long story short - I love the GamePad!

In ZombiU I already had a great moment in which I almost jumped off the couch :P I saw a zombie, which tried to get out of a room, but the door was blocked - I could watch him through a huge glass window - and I thought I was safe. So I turned around and walked on. Then I wondered why I could suddenly hear the zombie louder than before and turned around - instead of using the radar on the GamePad - and that thing was RIGHT behind me. It really scared the .... out of me xD

Mario is fun, but I haven't played much of it, yet.

Are there any Wii U exclusive games you could recommend, apart from the 2 I already own???


Proud Giant Bomb Member

Even though I am playing video games for almost 22 years now, it was only until some weeks ago that I got to read - in a TV magazine !!! - about the Giant Bombcast. Huge fan of the guys ( <3 Vinny <3 ) since I listened to my first Bombcast. "Finally" registered as a member yesterday and I just LOVE the Quick Looks. Already thinking about upgrading to premium membership. Not fully convicced, yet, though. Getting rid of the "Contre Jour" and "The Collection" ad would be awesome. You just have to MENTION them to me, and I'll get aggressive :P My addiction to the Quick Looks forced me to watch a lot of ads...