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Demon's Souls was probably my favorite game of this generation.  I really like that they are making a "New game" rather than trying to continue the storyline, but only if some new ideas come with that new storyline.  Keep impressing and moving forward From, don't let this series stagnate by not coming up with yet another innovation in multiplayer gaming. 

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That mock up will castrate some dudes.

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For the most part these big announcements are warnings for people who aren't already pirating, anyone who is actively pirating... anything... probably is used to just ignoring this stuff.  
It's been a long time since I pirated games, and I never got into console piracy(soldering iron!?) but I'm sure almost everyone pirates stuff like music, or movies, or porn, so I find it funny when people get holier than thou.    I remember when what Tivo does, tape shows, used to be illegal.  Also remember when it was illegal to tape at a concert before everyone and their uncle had a camera phone.
No I'm not trying to encourage kids to pirate, but it has become a part of our world. 

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I love you Jeff, and that love extends to me not wanting you to spend the ENTIRE PODCAST READING CODES so two shitheads can get a free game.  Cut that shit out of the podcast and stick to commentating.

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the black hole on the left looks like a perfect spot for a Spinal.

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MS really should wait to overprice their stuff next generation, they should've viewed this generation as being a drug pusher, lowering their price to try to get people a taste.  I don't think a company can pull off the mid generation re-launch.  Not when people that want a motion controller probably already bought the Wii.    I'm sure MS will market the hell out of the thing and put demo kiosks everywhere, but they've made their uphill climb rougher than it needed to be.   

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fuck you Brad, great list.

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The Taxidermist was terrible.  I'd say it's for the best they are focusing on other things.    

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" Damn I thought the 3 month thing would be an independent trial that we could see if we liked the service, not an addition to the service if we buy it.  Try before you buy Sony!  Seems they still don't get that concept. :(   "

 I think they realize the service is nothing special, or else they'd find a way to give it out for free.  It's really just Qore, except noone was buying Qore, so they came up with... this.  
Btw I think the most interesting thing, the hour demos, is a red herring.  Right now it's just Infamous, anyone thinking say Killzone 3 will have a hour demo when it gets released is dreaming, then maybe you'll get a hour demo of the first Ratchet game.
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Any chance at fitting in some co-op and Horde mode boys?
That's right, I'm suggesting a THROWDOWN with the Ai, what of it chief?