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I've thought about recently trying to stream, I doubt you can make that much money though, unless you get thousands of viewers. Of course, I would probably average about... 10... viewers. Unless I actually make an ass out of myself promoting my stream everywhere.

If only all it took was being entertaining and people would magically find you.

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I'm not surprised it's a bug. Now, I understand the logic of why it works like that. Otherwise even if it hit a different minion that minion wouldn't revive, like it probably should. It's going to be fun when they fix it and someone faceless's KT so they have 2 KTs on their board and it just breaks the game all over again. Though maybe I'm not giving the Blizzard programmers enough credit, or maybe it's a situation that will never happen so who gives a fuck.

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Kel'Thuzad is really good in any control deck it seems.

Yeah it's pretty stupid, other things I've noticed, you can place him after you've already killed off your minions that turn, though I guess that shouldn't be too surprising. Perfect for killing their silvanas, and avoiding your aoe. And also, if Rag kills him he comes back to life.

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So I've beaten all the Heroic bosses (not without some struggle) with my extremely limited selection of cards (i got like 1 legendary and still get only 1 card to DE per pack :P) and yea KT heroic was kinda easy. But heroic Sapphiron is just like WTF, i just don't see how he is beatable without some very good cards that can equalize things in your favor, Alextraza alone would make him much more manageable or some molten giants with charge, or even if my mage had all his control spells. Kind of a bummer, i was able to wing all the other bosses without looking up any strats, but this seems like a straight up: nope you need more/better cards situation unless i am missing something huge in that fight.

I didn't have Alex, but I did have Pyroblast, I found I needed just about every freeze you can against him. The only minions I used was mad scientist and a charger, you could probably get by with the 3-1, plus duplicate. And of course, one ice block. But yeah, it might be impossible without those cards.

Though it's possible you can do it with another class, I have no idea since mage seemed like the most obvious choice.

Beat all the heroic bosses myself today, nothing was tooo hard, just some took a little while to come to grips with how exactly to do it. A lot of the bosses are more about the perfect card draw, than anything else.

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@amyggen: I think I thought that just because in my head, I've always worried that Jeff isn't fulfilled in his life. Sometimes I get the vibe that he feels trapped in the industry. His best friend and business partner died. I just feel for that man.

I don't get that impression at all. Between actually caring about the wiki on here in a serious way and the creepy storage bins filled with games he keeps in his house I get the impression he's king of videogame nerddom. He's just snarky about games, but clearly has revolved his life around them. Quite frankly, he creeps me out.

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Kel T is goddamned ridiculous.

Used it in a ranked match as a token druid. Dropped KT, ran my 5-5 into their 6-5. Their 6-5 is dead, my 5-5 is back alive. I'm thinking, cool. Their turn, they kill my 5-5 again... and then my turn comes and my 5-5 reappears again. I'm thinking, holy fuck, I'm sure he's thinking holy fuck again. He even traded into everything except KT again the next turn I guess because he couldn't believe it the first time.

Sick... sick card.

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Jeff has gotten a lot funnier lately. That's not to say I haven't found him one of the funniest motherfuckers in the past, but he's hitting the exact right point of his special brand of creepiness.

Aside from that, I've had to cut my video watching by a ton. Used to watch most, now only watch a rare thing. Maybe I have more of a life, but it's probably just more that there's just too danged much to watch. Though it's also possible the content isn't hitting me in that, gotta watch most way anymore, for whatever reason.

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I only tried the first heroic boss of the new wing a couple times, haven't touched the other ones yet.

I'm sure I'll beat them eventually, I just tend to get bored of things rather easily. If getting new cards didn't change the game a lot I probably would have been done with hearthstone ages ago.

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Finally can make a decent deck now, a Hunter deck. Thanks partially to Nax, but mainly because of a Golden Deathwing I got that I shortly flipped into finally having Leeroy. Don't worry, I still can't make a decent Rogue deck even with that card. Though I guess I've always been able to make decent Zoo Warlock decks, but who cares about that. I had one fun Deathwing game as a druid that ended up with Deathwing and Thadius and a quick concede, that's probably the peak of what that card could ever do for me.

I find my will to play the Nax wings has been less so with each release. I went from oh yeah! to... well, I do want those cards, so I'll play it.

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I bought the nax wings, with money, pretty early. Mainly because the thought of not getting any new cards, when I had so few of them, seemed like the opposite of fun. And no way am I spending money on packs.

Anyways, reincarnate is sick. Didn't play shaman at all, mainly because I don't have the cards, but reincarnate plus that 5-5 steal a minion deathrattle chick, or with an egg makes shaman seem a little over powered. With the 5-5(sorry I can't be bothered to look up the name) it's like a much much better mind control. Obviously better when they have big minions, but whatever.

I'll never take this game seriously enough to care what cards are the "best", new cards are just plain fun to use, and that's all that matters to me.