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Guardians of the Galaxy was really good though. But yes very rarely does it feel like anything more than comic book nerd pandering.

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It was infinitely better than the first one, that I didn't like much at all. I would've maybe liked the first one more if I was a kid, since in theory that's what I wanted when I was a kid, but I prefer a super hero movie with a bit more of an edge which this movie had. Though I'd say the last third of the movie didn't really do much for me. In general though the intentionally uncomfortable dialogue is what put this movie over the top for me. It had some smart humor throughout because of it.

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I think I'd rather rewatch Tyson Undisputed. Could care less who wins. The only thing interesting about boxing today is the way the hbo commentary team feels free to bash boxing.

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The others I thought were just a test of my patience, this one was the first one I found legitimately entertaining. Maybe because it's finally gotten to that point where repetition of a bad joke actually becomes funny.

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I actually helped a few people last night with the boss in cainhurst. Makes me wonder if you were one of them!

To answer your question, no. The whole point of that system, to me, is one of give and take. If you summon for a boss, then after you beat it offer help to the next person who needs help. I only summoned once in my 2 play throughs, but I don't feel like its surrendering. They included that system for a reason.

Hah, no. I beat Cainhurst a week or so ago. Good on you for helping though!

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If you're worried what a child thinks of you you have bigger problems than that. And yes only children, and grown up children care how you play a video game.

What an unnecessary tone to my question. There's a distinct sociological aspect to these games, so it's not ridiculous to be a little self-conscious about how you've experienced the game. I really enjoyed Dark Souls, so I wanted to have a proper, fantastic experience. You can even find elements within this thread of people saying how the co-op isn't necessarily a true example of how the game should be played (trivializes the AI, or isn't balanced properly, etc) so it's not a "problem." Just contrasting my feelings with other players.

If you feel bad simply because you don't want to do the whole thing over again just to solo that boss yourself I get it. The game's hard saves can lead to regrets. It's really more about how you feel about your experience. Maybe you simply agree with the people that would decry you for co-oping.

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If you're worried what a child thinks of you you have bigger problems than that. And yes only children, and grown up children care how you play a video game.

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Definitely can't beat the feel of a real table. I used to love Pinball Arcade, then moved to an area with a great arcade nearby. Nothing beats nudging a real pinball table.

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Hopefully at some point in this movie they bring up midichlorians. No Jesus imagery is complete without it.

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I like it, but can't relate to the crying in the "fan reaction" stuff. It's to a point where I started looking for the negative reactions, which there weren't any. No I'm not fishing for a link, it probably exists somewhere, and I'm not even saying I hated the trailer, but I will say that it didn't seem like a step above a fan made film. Though it's just a trailer, I'll be there day one to watch this like anyone else, but I will play devil's advocate that the level of expectations have built this film up to a level that I don't expect it to live up to. But I'd love to be proven wrong. The books have shown that you can do this post original trilogy story well.

On some level I feel bad for Lucas, like if he isn't involved it's a sure fire hit(great movie). I'm not so sure.

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I've probably played a grand total of 5 new games this year. In fact I haven't played a large portion of the top 10 games that have come out in the past 3 years.

I imagine a lot of people's lists boil down to "the games that I've played" rather than a real top 10 list, that's not to say there wasn't a point in my life that I played a little too many of the games that came out.

So... having said that, my top 5 games of the year are, by default:

1: Dark Souls 2

2: Super Smash Bros for the 3DS

3. Hearthstone

4. Tamagotchi Life

5. WWE Supercard