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While I qualify, I neither own a PlayStation anymore, nor want anything listed.

So fantastic.

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He memorized moves? Burn him with fire, he's a witch.

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I don't mind Dan. Patrick was an instant dislike, and tbh, I've only been able to really like his Spelunky exploits.

I think Dan is starting off on a good base, and should get better as he gets more comfortable.

He also seems bat shit insane, which is a plus to me.

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Fun little expansion. Created a couple new decks just to get through it. First time making a version of handlock and it tore through every boss except the last one on heroic. Last boss on heroic took me awhile only because I insisted on using mage, then switched to priest with the same basic strategy and beat it easily. Argent Commander plus Abusive Sergeant is like having a fireball every turn. Then it's just manage heals, and occasional pyro usage. Also realizing I should actually kill everything, since I don't have Alex to cheese it. I also don't have Leeroy, which might make cheesing it by focussing on damage to the face more viable.

It's a shame the Ai is still fairly dumb so they have to over power the bosses, but whatever, hopefully they tweak the Ai at some point. Oh, and that ooz copy guy is going to be ridiculous to use when he's available.

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Had the same issue, thought it was annoying, but then when I beat him I realized I could rinse repeat what I did every single time. Stay at 45 degree angle, in front of his head, and shoot magic. Simple as that. He'll just pivot and forward fire all day.

Sucks it's not a co-opable fight. Would love to beat him for people, but the dragon will just agro to them and the "fun" begins.

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I think I watched it when they first did it, and it was new. I don't really get watching the same games ad nauseum. After a short while i "get it" and move on.

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Destiny doesn't seem particularly unique or interesting, it does however seem like the kind of mass produced crap people will gobble up.

I don't think that's a bad thing, I'm not opposed to companies doing what they need to do to make the most money.

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They probably need to collaborate, but first I'm hoping/assuming/making a wild guess that Giant Bomb East will eventually start a series that will really establish themselves. If they just keep doing their own versions of Quick Looks and Unprofessional Fridays it isn't going to make for a very interesting dynamic.

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I only remember ever doing it with Ultima 4. Which was ages and ages ago. Unless you count writing down a password or something to skip to a level when that was a thing.

Getting back to Ultima 4, I not only took down extensive notes, I made a huge map. I'm fairly sure I never figured the game out even half to completely, but I was pretty damned obsessed with it nonetheless as a wee lad.

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Hopefully this is fun, don't really care how this "changes the game". And it will only be fun if there's some re-playability. I tend to think it will just be a means to get new cards, with very little to bring people back, just incentive to keep buying the wings.