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All but the Wii cause I don't own one. And a PS2.

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Glad the Vita is region free, I'm gonna import this for sure.

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The thing that cracked me up the most were some of the odd "This choice will have consequences". Oh, you watered a plant? This choice will have consequences. Opened a cupboard? This choice will have consequences. And then you rewind and it doesnt matter anymore.

Also, how could anyone tell the principal the truth? Seems like 70% of people did...

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FYI the Wii U doesn't have an RJ45 connection built in, you'll need to get one of those USB adapters to connect it. And you could propably just get a switch and throw that between your PC and the router and connect it to the consoles, or is there any software your PC needs to run to get internet access?

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I'd love to get in when that is possible again, nickname is: Fredddi43

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100 Mbps with no cap here in Japan. I do have a capped mobile connection though and wouldn't want to live with one at home.

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Goodbye, and thanks for all the laughs! (I know we'll see you again, Patrick)


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@nictel: This actually males no dfference. Picking up Legendary will update ypur existing Skyrim to that version i your library, it will not show up seperatly. Ive done it myself.

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As someone who doesnt like L4D, I'm on team HL3 all the way

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Nice touch on the waifu!