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6. PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U

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I don't usually play a game in 3D, ever. But this is the first one where I actually like it! Other times the 3D just doesn't work for me, but for some reason it does with this.

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I'm only on episode 5 so I don't know if there's gonna be more evidence given, but up until now I just don't buy into Adrian as the perpetrator. There's no real motive, no conclusive evidence except for a couple witnesses, most notably Jay, and his story has huge holes in it. Also it seems like Adrian had a terrible attorney. I'm surprised how this case could ever be closed, none of the evidence seems enough to ever sentence anyone. And how come Jay was never investigated, not even as an accessory to murder. But I ain't no judge or lawyer, so what do I know really.

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Aw that sounds horrible. Don't ever worry about the game until you're back on your feet, duder.

Nothing but love from all of us

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@rigas: Apparently it's 20 bucks on Amazon

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I don't play WoW but a free mousepad is always nice

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@mitch0712: No, thats accurate. If youre logged into, this link should take you to my profile:

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Putting mine down too, picking this up today: Fredddi43