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I definitely think the dialogue boxes and portraits have their place in persona 5. Of course there should be animated sequences, but with the amount of talking you're doing I strongly prefer the current style over fully animated everything.

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No way he could do it willingly. Might accidentally find himself outside one day and just wander away, leading to undeserved fame as a master escapee.

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My condolences to you and your family.

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Looks good, but WHAT IS WITH THE VOICES ohmygod :(

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Despite a thread for each platform, there isn't yet one to exchange gamertags for the 360 version. Did anyone get that and wants to join my "fireteam"? Around lvl 8 now, but planning on doing strikes and the raid later on. Tag is: Fredddi43

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Whaaat 2015, wasn't this supposed to be a fall release?

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Persona 4 Golden. After I finished high school I had a couple of month before starting university, and I spent it sinking hundreds of hours into the game. Hanging out lots with my real life friends, then going home and roaming through dungeons and eating steak skewers with Chie, Yosuke, Kanji and the rest are times I will never forget.

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No, I never watch sports and everyone knows it. I do watch my fair share of pro Dota 2, though. That has to count for something.

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I have one and I voted no, not even in the future. Haven't turned the thing on since playing Funky Barn at launch, and there's nothing announced that could even remotely peek my interest.

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He looks great. I hope we get an ingame shot of him soonish.