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Did everyone fall off of Trackmania again? Last couple days I was playing I was the only one on the server :(

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Just got it on PC, but holy shit you guys, they reset all your graphical settings and key configurations. Hours, nay DAYS off my life I spent setting that thing up to my liking! At least the new control mode is good...

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Funnily enough, not the spookiest floating Being I've met in my time as a Witcher!

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I am a Dota player, and yes, Dota players are insane. For reference, some years ago there was a Lederhosen & cowboy hat set for sale for a hero ingame, it got removed for lore reasons and now goes for several hundred dollars.

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At least you can play the game, it still says preload for me, the game apparently isnt even unlocked

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GB Name: Fredddi43

SteamID: Fredddi43

Region: The Netherlands, Europe (CET)

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Depends how many slots I get, if its 3 or less I run a single save, if it's unlimited like Mass Effect or Skyrim, I tend to create a new save every time, currently on ME3 Save 43.

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Well, that'll mean I will stop watching Top Gear and move over to whatever the 3 of them do next. Never been interested in the car part of the show, I was there for the humor and the specials, and I love the crew, so I'm fine with whatever they come up next, I just hope it's soon.

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Sure, I would love a key!

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All but the Wii cause I don't own one. And a PS2.