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He looks great. I hope we get an ingame shot of him soonish.

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I love how they censored cursing, but then put a penis figurine in there.

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I was born in Darmstadt! I actually think the GB Streams are at reasonable times, they usually start at midnight and end at like 2-3AM, which is totally doable, especially on Fridays. I've watched press conferences and other streams starting at like 4AM, so GB stuff is totally ok, time wise.

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If you still have that copy of Rome: Total War, I'd be happy to take it!

My Steam

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I am gonna be the first to officially sign up then:

Teamname: Magic is Might (MiM)

Captain: @fredddi43 ( CEST (UTC+2)


@bassman2112 ( UTC -6

@flaboere ( CEST

@captainkirby ( CEST

Mujuji ( UTC+1


Klaphark ( CEST

Chazzy ( UTC-5

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Even if there is a big info dump, I don't think I'm gonna read it. I went into P4 completely blind and it was the best experience I could have had.

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Did Dust: An Elysian Tale make you cry? I only ask because I'm maybe halfway through and wonder if I should finish it.

It didn't, but yeah, definitely finish it. I liked the ending for sure.

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Digital: A Love Story is a fantastic, emotional little story set across a series of BBSs in the late 80s. It's short enough to play in one session. If it sits with you for as long as it did with me, Christine Love has a few other games that tackle similar themes. Don't Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story is a favorite of mine.

I agree, Don't take it personally was pretty good. I tried to play Digital, but there's a gamebreaking bug that I got, which I did not try and fix yet.

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NIER, in addition to being criminally underplayed, is one of the most depressing games I have ever played. The music is one of, if not the, greatest video game soundtrack I have ever heard and if you're a sucker for strong Father-Daughter relationships then you'll be in tears multiple times.

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Fragile Dreams

Katawa Shoujo. Don't forget Katawa Shoujo.

I figured I'd leave that one for you.

Also I hear tell Nier might be pretty sad.

I will definitely check out Nier then!

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Lost Odyssey ---> Whole game had me bawling. Every 1,000 Year Dream scenario I think at --the least-- got me tearing up. I think this is my "emotion game" fo' sho.

Okami's ending had be bawling.

Transistor had some spots, but the ending definitely got me.

The Darkness 1 (Jenny's stuff)

These games will touch yo' heart. But I'm a sap.

I haven't heard of Lost Odyssey before, gonna check that out for sure! I picked up Okami HD for the PS3, but haven't gotten around to it yet, since I hear it's a pretty long game.

Great suggestions so far, keep 'em coming!

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So, I am a real sucker for emotional video games, the story is what gets me hooked, gameplay is less important. And now I've run out of stuff to play, so I need your help to recommend me some titles that really make me shed a tear (or feel warm and fuzzy inside). Heres a list of games I played and loved, as an indication (again, gameplay doesnt matter, I'll play anything from visual novels to JRPGs):

-Persona series

-To The Moon

-The Last of Us

-Beyond Two Souls

-A Story About My Uncle

-Heavy Rain

-Mass Effect series

-The Walking Dead

-Gone Home

-Dust: An Elysian Tail

Looking forward to y'all recommendations!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the games can be on any platform.

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This is really interesting, I wish I had a chance to see it in person. Hearing the lines from the game being delivered by the VA is pretty weird, they feel so baked together with their characters.

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I agree, last year's tournament was a lot of fun, despite my team doing horribly. I'll be up for helping out this year, as a judge and organizer, and whatnot.