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It could just be a youtube playlist sorta thing that randomly selects videos when you open the webpage, and then keeps going. There is already a site that randoms you quick looks, but you gotta manually click for the next one.

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Most time spent is definitely Dota 2, that clocks in at around 1.100 hours and is still steadily climbing.

Most playthroughs and second in time spent has to be Persona 4 Golden, 3 playthroughs in about 110 hours.

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Sign me up, chief!

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Colour me interested. Unless you're a cop, then I got no interest in something like this, ever. Nada.

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@truthtellah: Yeah, this whole thing is a hoax and Hearthstone is only a codeword for something else with a 3 in it, and this thread is about trying to find fellow testers who are "in" on the "truth".

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Any lucky beta duders who wanna challenge me to a card-off or be challenged by fellow card-enthusiasts, leave your blizzard/ name and number (and BMI, for statistical purposes) below!

Mine is: Fredddi43#2470

Edit: Thanks to @forcen for mentioning the region lock, so you should post your Region too. I'm in Europe.

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@jrl5k: I'd love one if you still got any left!

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Have I consumed an energy drink in the last month... hard one, rorie, you got me puzzled there...

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@alistercat: While I don't personally know anyone with Autism, I can personally relate to Gone Home and enjoyed it for that reason.

While not dealing with health issues directly, I greatly enjoyed Persona 4 and Last of Us for their emotional depths, if you haven't already, you might wanna check them out.

Also know that you're always welcome back at DRM, if you decide it helps your illness in any way :)

Take care, buddy

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I haven't read any before I played the game, but started afterwards. Now I'm all caught up to the latest issue and still in shock about Bigby's and Blue's death.