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So, I am a real sucker for emotional video games, the story is what gets me hooked, gameplay is less important. And now I've run out of stuff to play, so I need your help to recommend me some titles that really make me shed a tear (or feel warm and fuzzy inside). Heres a list of games I played and loved, as an indication (again, gameplay doesnt matter, I'll play anything from visual novels to JRPGs):

-Persona series

-To The Moon

-The Last of Us

-Beyond Two Souls

-A Story About My Uncle

-Heavy Rain

-Mass Effect series

-The Walking Dead

-Gone Home

-Dust: An Elysian Tail

Looking forward to y'all recommendations!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the games can be on any platform.

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This is really interesting, I wish I had a chance to see it in person. Hearing the lines from the game being delivered by the VA is pretty weird, they feel so baked together with their characters.

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I agree, last year's tournament was a lot of fun, despite my team doing horribly. I'll be up for helping out this year, as a judge and organizer, and whatnot.

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So, Jeff came from the moon?

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I have never had a positive experience in solo matchmaking, be it ranked or unranked. If it wasn't for the guild I would never have gotten as deep in this game as I have. Added you on steam, feel free to invite me any time you see me online.

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If you haven't done so already, Purge's guide is a great way to start.

Then you can join the GB channel in the client, and ask for people to play with (just mention your experience level, so no confusion occurs).

There is also this thread already going where you can find help and tips.

And @sweep should move this thread to the proper Dota 2 forums.

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@mcfart: You clearly have never tried to watch cricket, or a bunch of other sports. Sure you can summarize them in one sentence, but that's also possible with Dota: "Kill the enemy base". Both physical sports and eSports require a a lot of understanding, and its kinda unfair to just call eSports fake because their ruleset is deeper than that of other sports.

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I have 1 PS4 code for Europe left, comment below and I will PM it to you

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I really hope we get to see Burrito being picked in the finals.

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Germany (Born there)










The Netherlands