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No idea what platform this is, but sure!

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Im creative, I know

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As a mainly melee focused player with some points in INT and FTH so I can use soul arrow and lightning bolt, Shrine of Amana was a Nightmare. I had to manually try and lightning bolt those bloody casters which could hit you from way too far away, because I couldn't get close enough for the target system to work. Iron Keep on the other hand, was a cake walk. I even beat the boss on my 2nd try. Hardest boss so far was the Dukes Dear Freja, but I haven't beaten the final boss yet because I wanna take out the Ancient Dragon and Vendrick.

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Well, I'm on board for my 2. playthrough.

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So if you google Dark Souls 2 the punisher, which is the second main story boss, the very first result is a review by non-other than Jeff, who, as we all know, loves Dark Souls more than anyone. Is this a secret message from past Jeff? Is he really a time traveller who completed DS2 years ago? Or is it really just a review for some PS2 game?

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Also hanging out on PC

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Secret garage somewhere in Europe.

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Endurance Run: Myst

Im all for it!

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Aaaaand both are gone! <>

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So I ended up with a key for the XBO and one for the PC version of the beta, but I'm not near either until after the end of the beta. So if you're a GB Gold member, post below which version you want and Ill just hit you up.