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I really hope we get to see Burrito being picked in the finals.

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Germany (Born there)










The Netherlands



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Yeah, I had really hoped for an upgrade discount after buying the game for $60 and the season pass for $20. I dont really feel like paying another $50 for the game, despite that I want it so much, soooo much... Im propably gonna get it anyway.

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So I;m thinking about starting to watch Dr. Who, but I don't really wanna go all the way back to 1963's season 1. Where should I start watching, is there a season I absolutely have to begin with?

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Normal in most games, Hard in shooters.

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Having spent my 3000 hours in Dota, my vote of course went for that. Back when i got started, I joined the GB guild and channel, and asked for people to play MM with. Nowadays I have ober 150 of these people on my friends list, and never play without a full 5stack. This way, you never get raged at and have a really fun time. If you decide to do the same, I can only recommend you stay far away from solo queuing, and instead ask around the channel for people to play with you, you will almost always find some on your skill level.

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Great, touching writeup. While I never met your father, I miss Ryan so very much, and can only begin to comprehend how it must be for you to have lost 2 people in that short timespan.

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New peooooople! I cant wait for tomorrows QL, welcome new guys

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Yeah I've had this issue for a couple month now, Using HD Streaming.

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Wildlife Park 2 needs the alias "Wildlife Zoo", since that's what it was released as in the US.