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I'm looking for items from the Windrunner Featherfall and the Sparrowhawk set. Got a ton of rares and stuff, add me on steam and you can check my inventory. Steam ID is the same as my name here.

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RIP, I cannot believe this just happened. I will miss him so much and cant even imagine what his wife and the other duders must be going through.

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RIP Ryan Davis. And he just got married, I feel so sorry for his wife and cannot comprehend this loss.

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3G is not worth it, you dont really need internet on that thing except to download new games and sync trophies, and you can do that at home. Follow the advice and spend the money on a 16GB memory card.

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Yes, 100% yes. Now that Patrick is (sadly) not available anymore, I hope they give his chair to Drew.

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  • Shot Danny's foot off
  • Abandoned Nate (won at Rock Paper Scissors)
  • Left Nate (I wouldve rather shot him to save the old couple, but that wasnt an option)
  • Told Leland the truth
  • Drove away in the RV

Everyone from camp accompanied me at the end. I quite liked the DLC, it was nice to see some familiar characters, even though there is no appearance of Clementine :(

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@earlessshrimp: Nah ill give it to you, not the guy who just created the account to get it. Check your PMs. Now they're all gone

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2 out of 4 gone, 2 more.

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Hey duders,

got 4 beta keys for Merc Elite, giving them away to the first 4 people to post here. #BigGiveaways