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Well, that does sound great! Hope theres more though!

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Japanese woman, live?

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Hello and welcome to the Xbox One Gamertag Exchange Market!

Post your Gamertag so GB duders can add you and you can do online stuff together. Maybe post your time zone and your launch games too, and your credit card number is always useful, but no pressure.

Gamertag: Fredddi43

Timezone: Whatever timezone central europe is in

Launch games: Dead Rising 3, Fifa 14

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I'm gonna give you all my money. All 12 bucks and 29 cents of it for Persona 5.

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Gigantische Bombe

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PSN: Fredddi43

Timezone: CET

Launch Games: AC4, Killzone, Need for Speed

Help me reach this 2000-friend limit!

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Way too many (559)

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@spraynardtatum: Pulled the trigger on those 3 games, Amazon order status says launch day delivery, AC4 even a week before that. You even get the Special Edition of AC for the price of the standard. Also, forgot to say that this is Amazon Germany I'm talking about here.