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So I ended up with a key for the XBO and one for the PC version of the beta, but I'm not near either until after the end of the beta. So if you're a GB Gold member, post below which version you want and Ill just hit you up.

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I wish there was a way to do this online or on your phone

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Shipping was twice the cost of the poster, but so worth it for having a signed one! Can't wait!

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It could just be a youtube playlist sorta thing that randomly selects videos when you open the webpage, and then keeps going. There is already a site that randoms you quick looks, but you gotta manually click for the next one.

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Most time spent is definitely Dota 2, that clocks in at around 1.100 hours and is still steadily climbing.

Most playthroughs and second in time spent has to be Persona 4 Golden, 3 playthroughs in about 110 hours.

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Sign me up, chief!

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Colour me interested. Unless you're a cop, then I got no interest in something like this, ever. Nada.

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@truthtellah: Yeah, this whole thing is a hoax and Hearthstone is only a codeword for something else with a 3 in it, and this thread is about trying to find fellow testers who are "in" on the "truth".

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Any lucky beta duders who wanna challenge me to a card-off or be challenged by fellow card-enthusiasts, leave your blizzard/ name and number (and BMI, for statistical purposes) below!

Mine is: Fredddi43#2470

Edit: Thanks to @forcen for mentioning the region lock, so you should post your Region too. I'm in Europe.

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@jrl5k: I'd love one if you still got any left!