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@fisk0: They added a bunch of stuff. Instead of the previous build which was more of a sandbox-y proof of concept, this one has a proper tutorial and campaign introduction, with voice acting, cut scenes and the the usual bells and whistles you expect in a vigea game. You can now select your character (male/female), go through a rough version of some of the story, fight some nasty skeletons, die, save, magic, talk, push NPCs around (I pushed one over a cliff while she was talking) and listen to Booker "the male dragon" talk. I was pretty surprised he was voiced by Troy Baker, seems like a big get for a relatively small game.

If you're still undecided maybe watch some videos, but as someone who already threw some money at them I'm pleased to see its coming along very nicely.

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1. Persona 4 (Golden, if we're making the distinction)

2. The Last of Us

3. Mass Effect 3

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Premium videos also magically working for me. And maybe add an option to access your giantbomb account inside the app. Also noticed that when watching videos, the audio seems to be muted when my device is set to vibrate, which is weird for a video app.

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I bought into the alpha since I'm a sucker for anything magic, but I cant recommend it at this stage. The foundation is there and I hope they make a great game out of it, but right now you're just sorta running around, killing a couple skeletons, and only have 3-something spells at your disposal. No tutorial, objective or much of anything is implemented yet. I would say wait until you're sure you like where they're going with it, you're not missing anything right now.

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No idea what platform this is, but sure!

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Im creative, I know

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As a mainly melee focused player with some points in INT and FTH so I can use soul arrow and lightning bolt, Shrine of Amana was a Nightmare. I had to manually try and lightning bolt those bloody casters which could hit you from way too far away, because I couldn't get close enough for the target system to work. Iron Keep on the other hand, was a cake walk. I even beat the boss on my 2nd try. Hardest boss so far was the Dukes Dear Freja, but I haven't beaten the final boss yet because I wanna take out the Ancient Dragon and Vendrick.

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Well, I'm on board for my 2. playthrough.

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So if you google Dark Souls 2 the punisher, which is the second main story boss, the very first result is a review by non-other than Jeff, who, as we all know, loves Dark Souls more than anyone. Is this a secret message from past Jeff? Is he really a time traveller who completed DS2 years ago? Or is it really just a review for some PS2 game?