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@jrl5k: I'd love one if you still got any left!

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Have I consumed an energy drink in the last month... hard one, rorie, you got me puzzled there...

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@alistercat: While I don't personally know anyone with Autism, I can personally relate to Gone Home and enjoyed it for that reason.

While not dealing with health issues directly, I greatly enjoyed Persona 4 and Last of Us for their emotional depths, if you haven't already, you might wanna check them out.

Also know that you're always welcome back at DRM, if you decide it helps your illness in any way :)

Take care, buddy

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I haven't read any before I played the game, but started afterwards. Now I'm all caught up to the latest issue and still in shock about Bigby's and Blue's death.

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14. Cars 2

13. Cars

12. Brave

11. Bug's Life

10. Toy Story 3

9. Toy Story

8. Toy Story 2

7. The Incredibles

6. Monsters U

5. Wall-E

4. Monsters Inc

3. Finding Nemo

2. Ratatouille

1. UP

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Halo Wars Demo Dated, Full Release Pushed Back To School

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Chie would love a hat too! Arigato gozaimasu in advance!

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I wouldnt worry too much right now, I cant even sign into my account at the moment. Maybe wait till launch has passed and try again then.

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I'd also take a code if theres someone who hates fighting games and doesnt need it, Ill trade you steam stuff or something :)

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Wow, what a bunch of great announcements!