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@lukeweizer: I've been playing Dark Souls 2 on the PC in NG+ for about 24 hours in game now, mostly pvp, and I haven't ran into any cheaters. On the other hand, the big streamers for the game have run into quite a number, but they're all in NG right now.

At the end of the day, you'll get some degree of hackers regardless, but I think it can be pretty rare and they're mostly trying to gank new players in NG right now.

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World of Warcraft. I work with literally a dozen people who play it and them talking about it whenever they were in together, coupled with my own desire to know why it was so loved got me to buy it earlier this year. Now, I sit at 60 full days play time on my Paladin, I've fallen far.

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You also have the option of joining covenants like Blades of the Darkmoon, Forest Hunter, Path of the Dragon, and Gravelord Servant, which all involve invading people. So while it does suck you can't get into the Darkwraith's, you got plenty of other places to try at least.

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For a while I kept them in a pile on the end of a shelf on my desk. Once I had about 15 amassed, I sent them to my friend in Quebec and he proceeded to put them directly in the trash.

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Take a look at the news article again:

Update: According to VG247, who reached to Michal Nowakowski of CD Projekt Red, there was no trace of The Witcher 3 at the firm’s conference last night, the VP of Business Development saying “I can assure you nothing of the sort was announced.”

“The purpose of the conference was to unveil the details of X360 launch of Witcher 2 with the release date of 17th of April 2012, launch on the same day of PC Enhanced Edition, and reveal of some new features for both versions we did not speak about before. That is it.”
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That never happened for me personally. If you're worried about that, you should make a couple runs through the forest and kill the npc phantoms you see, like 3 don't respawn so there'll only be four left. As far as running into them goes, I'm pretty sure it's them sliding off a nearby cliff that betrays the covenant. I actually attacked one when an invading phantom thought he was safe hiding beside one and nothing happened, just don't kill them or take too much damage away from them.

As for the experiences, some of the best in the game for me, I loved being in that covenant. I ended up getting summoned a bunch, got a Pendant as a reward for beating someone once, got 450,000 souls another time, and got a bunch of upgrade items too from other people. The servers being the way they are, I didn't end up experiencing much pvp combat up until then, so it was a good way to get in some of that. Once you get tired of it/get high leveled enough that summons become rarer you can always join another covenant as well, also what I did.

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@Marz said:

"Try Holding With Two Hands" is what i wrote.

I saw this message once and had a good laugh.

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It depends which weapons you want to use. There's a few weapons that scale with Dex and those weapons are generally seen as some of the best in the game, especially in pvp cases. Personally, I got my Strength up to 40 so I could wield most of anything and two hand whatever else, I don't mind not using Havel's shield cause there are other great shields out there. I then started just putting points into Dex because not only does it contribute to weapon scaling, but it also raises your Right-hand weapon strength, unlike strength.

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I'm around 150 right now, just sitting at the beginning of the last boss area, summoning dark spirits to my world and invading others and having a blast. Unfortunately, I never really had much action in the pvp scene in other places, besides when I was in the Forest Hunter covenant and when I occasionally got invaded, so now that I can just sit around and invade/get invaded as much as I want and just keep farming stuff, I'm enjoying it a lot.

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I'd recommend Iron Flesh if you have the Pyromancy Hand. It can be extremely helpful when you just want to get up in a tough boss' face and do some damage, with the drawback of moving extremely slow. You can buy it from the same dude who gives you the Hand. You could also just ignore the Stray Demon, he isn't exactly main story stuff. That's what I ended up doing until near where I beat the game, then I just went back and tried a few times and got him.