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I think everyone agrees that Patrick did a fantastic job on his first year. Giant Bomb is getting a lot bigger, and these after hours shows are getting way more interesting because of it. Now I'm all for diversity, but please don't have a quota for every group that sits down with you guys. Please look at personality above all else. I hate that people rallied around that picture from Day 1 (Palmer Luckey, Greg Kasavin, and the developers of No Man's Sky), as an example of the site's male chauvinism... I don't think they even cared to know just who those people were... They just looked at skin color and gender, and didn't care about the interesting conversation taking place. One thing that stood out this year to me was that some guests were just not getting into the conversation beyond the typical "How's your E3?" Now it might be because they're not good on camera, they don't do well in open discussions, they were tired, the group was too big, or one of many other reasons, but I trust this site to get it right. The last thing I want is people accusing this site of purposely ignoring a guest because of gender or race.

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Whatever he is... I love him.

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Might be too late to add to this, but my favorite thing about Vinny is just watching him trying to break games. Maybe name it like Crashing Caravella, and just have Vinny play open world games and Steam early access games.

Or just just do Vinny's Vices, where you just watch him collect everything in a game while eating a bucket of KFC.

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It's amazing how attached you get to someone over the internet. I was looking forward to listening to all his dumb wedding/honeymoon stories on the Bombcast tomorrow. Miss you Ryan...

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Well, Apple did announce controller support for iOS 7. So that is probably where that info came from.

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@thugg1280: Well if we are going to resort to name calling, you were being quite the "Debbie Downer." You were bashing Microsoft about no used games and always online, and then end on saying how great the PC is. I know most of my PC games require an internet connection, and used games are almost nonexistent. I mention Green Man Gaming because they are the only site I know of that allows trading in "used" digital PC games. I think you are just stuck in the past. I used to trade audio CDs in all the time as a teenager, but those stores don't exist anymore. It costs so much money to make games now. If the publisher gave me a choice to either kill the used game market or have the price of new games increase, I would put a bullet into the used games market's head immediately.

If you want to attack the Xbox, mention the whole "no self publishing on Arcade" issue... Or make better arguments...

You are a "Negative Nancy."

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@thugg1280: With your love of used games, you must only buy PC games from Green Man Gaming right? Unless there is another seller of games that allows you to trade them in....

Who cares if Gamstop is hurt?

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Has anyone created a conspiracy theory yet for the Xbox One and Comcast's X1 yet? The X1 was announced on May 21st, 2012, and the the Xbox exactly one year later. The GUI looks pretty much the same on each. They are also both black boxes. What do you think? Comcast X1 DVR

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I hope you share the results with us.

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@BPRJCTX said:

Ok, that video with the Nerd was just offensive.

I laughed at the part with the old man, though.

Does it make it alright if that guy is a huge nerd, and an excellent animator/designer? Myke Chilian. IMDB