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One of my main problems is that it took horrible internet trolls issuing death threats in order to get people talking about this. People tried to talk over a month ago and they were met with bans/deletion of comments and an unbelievable amount of snark across every major site. GamerGate started because fans were ignored, laughed at, and declared dead. Trust is gone, and emotions are high. I will continue to condemn threats and harassment, but the legitimate questions about ethics have to be addressed before I drop support for GamerGate.

As of now, Giant Bomb & The Escapist are the last video game sites I will visit because they have shown, now and in the past, that I'm not just another "click."

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@jumbs: Is this a "gotcha" comment? I believe GB operates in an ethical manner, whenever possible. I also believe they deserve compensation for the the literal DAYS of entertainment they've given me. I like UPF. I like the quasi-Endurance Runs they do now.

AND I hate ads.

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@impartialgecko: Each side has their evil fringe groups. All I can do is condemn their actions, and continue supporting something I believe in.

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@customotto: A lot of people have been speaking out about the questionable direction games journalism has been heading towards (Doritogate). They are just now forming into one voice.

"hasn't made any progress" I would say The Escapist's new ethics policy is good progress.

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I will outright condemn any threats made towards people. Threats shouldn't happen AT ALL.

But blaming #GamerGate for all of this seems a bit premature. This could still be a troll just looking to cause chaos. The authorities are looking into all these threats, so let them do their job.

I still think GG is fighting for something that matters, and will continue to support it.

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I think everyone agrees that Patrick did a fantastic job on his first year. Giant Bomb is getting a lot bigger, and these after hours shows are getting way more interesting because of it. Now I'm all for diversity, but please don't have a quota for every group that sits down with you guys. Please look at personality above all else. I hate that people rallied around that picture from Day 1 (Palmer Luckey, Greg Kasavin, and the developers of No Man's Sky), as an example of the site's male chauvinism... I don't think they even cared to know just who those people were... They just looked at skin color and gender, and didn't care about the interesting conversation taking place. One thing that stood out this year to me was that some guests were just not getting into the conversation beyond the typical "How's your E3?" Now it might be because they're not good on camera, they don't do well in open discussions, they were tired, the group was too big, or one of many other reasons, but I trust this site to get it right. The last thing I want is people accusing this site of purposely ignoring a guest because of gender or race.

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Whatever he is... I love him.

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Might be too late to add to this, but my favorite thing about Vinny is just watching him trying to break games. Maybe name it like CrashingCaravella, and just have Vinny play open world games and Steam early access games.

Or just just do Vinny's Vices, where you just watch him collect everything in a game while eating a bucket of KFC.

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It's amazing how attached you get to someone over the internet. I was looking forward to listening to all his dumb wedding/honeymoon stories on the Bombcast tomorrow. Miss you Ryan...

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Well, Apple did announce controller support for iOS 7. So that is probably where that info came from.