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Why would Patrick say this is frustrating? It is only frustrating if you think this is some sort of game, which it isn't.

Honestly, this really shouldn't even be on a video-game site. The whole exchange came off as horrible because we have someone making this out to be more then it is, asking questions which the creator doesn't want to answer.

Even the creator is kinda like, "look man this isn't even a video game, why are you asking me these questions"

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@slag said:

Given the big news lately with Vinny/GBNY and inbound new hires, I think by this fall will see a really different Giant Bomb with a lot of new content.

If there ever was a time for cautious optimism and a wait & see attitude it's probably now.

Frankly I feel more optimistic about the future of Giant Bomb now than I have at any time since buyout happened. Now we have real tangible evidence of the plan and future of the site. I don't know if ultimately I'll like what it ends up being, but there is a direction and a visible goal which is something I don't feel we've had for since 2011.

@slag: I'd say I agree with this answer. You are right, There is a direction set. And you are also right about not knowing if we will end up liking how it plays out. But at least there does seem to be a direction.

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I figured this was good a platform as any to pose this question to the community. Where is the premium content? Where is the GB we used to know and love?

It seems ever since the CBS move, subscriber content has slowly dwindled....and the content GB does provide has become more mainstream. Where have the 'Drew plays random flight sim' videos gone? Where are the TNTs? Where are the weekly mailbags? Where are the random off the wall antic videos? Don't even get me started on endurance runs....Persona 4 endurance run was probably the best content GB ever put out, and those are history.

If it weren't for Unprofessional Fridays, there really wouldn't be any premium content at all. The random DotA streams and Klepek stuff basically equates to Twitch broadcasts, not what I would call premium content. I can watch thousands of people broadcast games like DoTA and Horror games 24/7, for free. Twitch style broadcasts are not what GB was all about.

So yea....just wondering what the deal is, and what the plan is going forward. I used to love supporting the team with a subscription, but with dwindling 'oldschool' content, and what I would call a push in a direction that is really the opposite reason why I liked GB in the first place, I'm finding it tough to think of reasons to stay subscribed.

Maybe no one will read this. Maybe those who do read it will reply with the obligatory "see ya". But I do see a disconcerting trend and direction of the company, and as someone who loved GB from the start, I think this is a valid piece.

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@garnsr said:

Doesn't a gay couple bring sex into a game, where a straight couple doesn't? Parents don't question how they have to explain to a kid seeing a man and woman together, but a common reason I hear for not having gay couples in public is that straight parents have to explain what's going on there. I'd guess that a sexual situation involving whatever group would be treated as a sexual situation by the raters, but just having a gay couple not even having sex might be called a sexual situation in the ratings, just because it's not a common enough experience to most people right now to not bring up sex.

I think the idea that being gay somehow automatically adds sexual situations into a game(or anything) where a straight couple doesn't is absurd.

And I couldn't care less about some parents idiocy. You would explain a straight couple to a child the exact same way you would a gay couple. Or, you should, at least.

No, you really shouldn't

Wake me up when this broken record news cycle is over.

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Good job adding fuel to the fire Patrick. Why does it never fail, that a Worth Reading is basically just an opportunity to link to other agenda-bait articles...non-issues that are continued for yet another week.

Why GB allows this type of "journalism" now is beyond me....but I guess they know it increases revenue, so integrity be damned I supposed.

Whatever, keep it up though...soon companies will just say "F it" and not make anything anymore, since unless they somehow make every game include every possible option everyone wants, they will get socially castrated.

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I hate that my interest in Animal Crossing runs high for about 24 hours of total play time (no matter how quickly I get there) and then I just stop. Spent a ton of time on the DS version in 2012 and stopped within a week and last year within a two months had stopped playing the 3DS version.

Same. That's because, in theory and in the retrospect Animal Crossing rocks. You get really pumped up for a new one. But then a day after playing it, you realize that this is just Animal Crossing, and you can't spend another minute collecting a butterfly, or picking up a rock. The game also is starting to feel, really, really, confined and small.

I think the design needs to change. I was hoping that was what this article was about. Actual gaming content regarding how Animal Crossing needs to expand outward to still be interesting in the future, instead of a "feels" piece about changes in workforce personnel over the years.

But I digress...yes, Animal Crossing rocks, and it needs to do something to prevent quick onset boredom in it's next iteration.

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I love it when fans spout buzzwords and phrases like "enhanced TV viewing experience!!!"

Exactly how is this $500 paperweight enhancing anything with my TV viewing experience, above and beyond what my hd-dvr box/tv is doing right next to it...

You can rattle off 20 bullets of garbage, but it boils down to one thing, Microsoft blew it. I have an XBone, it is gathering dust. If I bought a PS4 it would be gathering dust also....but at least I would know if a game ever did come out for a next-gen system that didn't suck and I wanted to play....I would have the peace of mind knowing the game would be running the best it can be on my system of choice....

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It was on the site earlier this morning, but now part 1 and part 2 seem to be gone. Bring them back GB, I need to finish watching them!!!